From floor to ceiling, a boy's room like new

From floor to ceiling, a boy's room like new

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You loved it but now you want to give the little kid's bedroom decor a makeover. Multitude of colors, materials, shapes or patterns, we do not know where to turn. Here are 10 inspired and inspiring ideas that will allow you to easily change the decor of a child's room.

Sleep in an original bed

Maisons du Monde Those who are lucky enough to have a fairly large children's bedroom can realize the dream of many of them: sleeping in a cabin. There are different models of cabin bed, from the simplest to the most elaborate, sold in several woods and colors.

Paste wallpaper

Ferm Living The return of wallpaper is the big trend of the moment. We often fall for a motif or a material effect without daring to launch out. And it's a shame when you see the cachet it gives. Look instead!

Repaint a vintage chest of drawers Goodbye the changing table too classic and become useless. Bet on a vintage piece of furniture whose facade you will have painted in ice blue for a retro design effect. It takes on its full dimension, backed by a gray wall and placed on a slightly aged oak parquet floor.

Work the lighting

AM PM The ambiance of a room very often depends on the type of lighting used. To warm up a child's room, choose for example niche sconces which diffuse a soft light and bring a cozy atmosphere.

Revive the color of the walls To avoid the cold and impersonal effect of white walls, choose a paint that you will apply on one wall. Bet on original tones, such as turquoise blue which will highlight wall lights, desks and accessories.

A phosphorescent sticker

Many children are afraid in the dark. Note that there is a decorative alternative to the many models of night lights: phosphorescent stickers! They reassure your little boy and amuse him while elegantly dressing the walls of his room.

Gain some ground

Bimodal What a headache trying to fit a desk, a bed, a shelf and a wardrobe into a room. There are now modular storage solutions: here the folded bed in its space reveals a fully functional desk.

A graphic carpet Children play systematically lying on the floor and when there is no carpet, the parquet is a bit cold! So nothing better than a nice design and graphic rug at the foot of the bed to combine comfort and pleasure for the eyes.

Original storage

Bloomingville To change linear bookcases that often resemble each other, align cubes of different colors and sizes at the foot of the bed to store books, notebooks or small objects.