What curtains for an urban style?

What curtains for an urban style?

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The urban style never ceases to seduce teenagers or even the salons of trendy adults. So that the decor is inspired by the city down to the curtains, here are five very original models:

Solid gray

Leroy Merlin ### If you are looking for something discreet, opt for solid gray. Indeed, this color will recall the concrete of the city. To give style, choose a textured or slightly metallic model. Guaranteed effect!

The flag in the spotlight

Leroy Merlin ### For all patriots, the flag of the United States or that of Great Britain is proudly hoisted on white curtains. Do not hesitate to use this motif on a cushion to remind you of your theme.

The capitals are displayed

Leroy Merlin ### Are you a globetrotter? Bet on the curtains that display the names of the big cities of the world for a very graphic style. A real tribute to Miami, Milan Seoul, Berlin, London, Paris, Tokyo and all those cities that make you dream.

A very graphic spirit

La Redoute ### The city is above all a very graphic space where roads, buildings and other urban furniture form a real graphic labyrinth. To find this spirit in your decor, choose curtains that use linear patterns in tone on tone to remain discreet.