20 pools that prove that above-ground structures can be beautiful

20 pools that prove that above-ground structures can be beautiful

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More economical and easier to install, above ground pools have many advantages compared to traditional inground pools. And more aesthetic than inflatable models, above-ground pools are now available in wood or concrete, and enhance our garden. Discover our selection of the most beautiful above ground pools and let yourself be inspired!

An above-ground swimming pool with a raised terrace

Woodline So that your pool can be easily integrated into your exterior, you can choose to make it disappear by installing an elevated terrace that will surround the pool. Result: a swimming pool that seems buried without having to dig!

An above ground swimming pool with a natural spirit

Leroy Merlin Who says above ground pool does not necessarily mean self-supporting plastic model. On the contrary, there are now very beautiful wooden models like this square basin which fits into a natural garden.

Everyone has their own above ground pool!

La Redoute As with inground pools, the choice of design for your above ground pool will be vast. You will be able to opt for the traditional rectangular swimming pool but will also find round or octagonal models to meet your decorating desires and best adapt to your garden.

An additional sunbathing area

Azurea The most decorative aspect of an above-ground swimming pool? You can set up a sunbathing area thanks to a raised terrace part before the entrance to your pool. Your garden is better structured thanks to well-defined spaces.

An above ground concrete pool too

Laghetto On the design side, above-ground pools are constantly reinventing themselves! You will therefore be able to treat yourself to a concrete swimming pool and apply the facing of your choice: small regional stones, rough effect concrete or even decorative tiles. Enough to enhance it in your garden.

Vivapool above ground wooden pool

Vivapool With above-ground pools that require less work, integrating a pool into its outdoor space becomes easier. Thus, you can treat yourself to a swim in the garden but also on the terrace or in more confined spaces. A most practical solution!

An above-ground family pool

Desjoyaux The advantage of an above-ground swimming pool? Security. In a family environment, she will be less likely to fall. It is for example possible to remove the ladder to block access and avoid accidents with young children.

An above ground pool with real depth

Waterclip No question of not having water up to your shoulders? No problem, above ground pools also exist in a deeper version to enjoy a real bath. Be aware that the possibilities are endless and that you can even add spa functions.

An above ground pool surrounded by nature

Swimming pool Thanks to the use of wood, this swimming pool fits perfectly into its environment while betting on a design spirit thanks to the clean lines of the terrace that surrounds it. Above-ground or in-ground pool: difficult to tell the difference here.

An above ground pool with a view

Piscinelle Favorite for this ultra design wooden above ground pool. Ideally located, it offers a breathtaking view of a hilly and green landscape. At sunset time, it is a real feast for the eyes! More info here

An above ground pool in a patio

Bluewood Ideally located, this above-ground swimming pool enhances an already very decorative patio. All dressed in wood, it is really perfect for enjoying your evenings with friends, feet in the water or at the bar, sipping good cocktails. More info here

An above ground waterfall pool

Bluewood Watch your eyes! Here is a design above ground swimming pool. Open like a waterfall, it gives a refined atmosphere and a touch of Zen to your garden. Let yourself be lulled by the gentle sound of the water and relax. More info here

An above ground pool in the middle of a lake

Swimming pool How not to fall for this above-ground swimming pool in the middle of a lake? Offering a natural and decorative look, this unusual swimming pool particularly appeals to us. And you ? More info here

A natural above ground pool

Bluewood Ideally integrated into the surrounding nature, this above-ground swimming pool is lined with wood, making it possible to create a decorative terrace. All you have to do is add a few lounge chairs, a table, pretty cushions and the beautiful summer evenings! More info here

An above-ground swimming pool with terrace

Bluewood Here is an above ground pool similar to a natural pool. Very elegant, it absolutely does not distort the space, and, thanks to a spacious wooden terrace, it offers a beautiful space for relaxation. See you there already! More info here

An above ground wooden swimming pool

Laghetto Pools Very nice dimensions, this above ground pool offers a quasi-Olympic swimming area. All dressed in wood, it is decorative and fits perfectly into a contemporary garden. Shall we take a dip? More info here

An above-ground swimming pool on a small terrace

Woodline When the pool is installed in a small space, the above-ground solution will be ideal. You will then only have to level the floor around the pool to create a buried effect. Little work, maximum decorative effect!

An above ground pool surrounded by nature

Swimming pool Another unusual option, to put your above ground pool in the middle of nature: in the middle of a body of water, in the middle of the forest or in the open countryside, you have all the choices. Easily removable, the above ground pool allows all the madness. More info here

An above-ground concrete pool

Caron pools The last above-ground swimming pool in our selection, this concrete model, decorated with a bamboo effect decor. Attractive and easy to maintain, this above-ground swimming pool will delight young and old alike! More info here