Nursery goes into retro mode

Nursery goes into retro mode

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Lately we have noticed that the vintage style was interfering in the baby's room. Furniture, patterns, toys, colors seize this decorative spirit, which after contaminating the living rooms of the house, enters the decoration of the little ones. The proof in pictures…

Infant room with old world charm

AM PM This suspended cradle, topped with a curtain for cocooning babies, reproduces a cozy nest that swings to the rhythm of its movements.

Recent toys with a vintage feel

Ferm Living No children's room without a space to play. Here, in an old wooden chest, a series of recent toys inspired by plush toys from the 50s are stored to be unpacked for baby's delight.

Retro patterns on textiles

La Ferme des Sablons The soft and offbeat patterns on the blanket and bed linen confirm the retro bias in the baby's room.

Accessories set the scene

Ferm Living Around a simple wooden bed painted in white, the old posters, the embroidered blanket and the old terrestrial globe set the vintage spirit in your toddler's room.

In total look

Ferm Living The bed linen matches the wallpaper on the walls. A duo that gives color an appointment in this room. Reddish orange, very clear sky blue and khaki green are celebrating the room.

The wallpaper and decor reveal the sober furniture

Ikea No need to invest a fortune to make a retro baby room. A few rolls of wallpaper and carefully chosen accessories such as birdhouses help create the style.

Painting, a partner of choice

Laurette Instill a vintage spirit by investing in a bed with retro lines. Painted in a trendy color, it adopts the much desired spirit without overdoing it!

Rustic retro

Mathy by bols Here is a more campaign version of the retro style. Bed, changing table and shelf coordinate both in spirit and in color. Only red comes into play in this two-tone decor.

Sober but retro

Minakani No need to make tons of them to infuse retro style. Here, the armchair with fifties accents sets the style.