What flooring to choose in the kitchen?

What flooring to choose in the kitchen?

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The kitchen floor covering is not always easy to choose because it must not only be very resistant but also aesthetic. Here are some tips for choosing the flooring for your kitchen.

Vinyl in the kitchen

Hygena ### Vinyl floors open a new path in all rooms of the house and especially in the kitchen. Indeed, this type of soil resists humidity well and is easy to maintain. You will be able to choose unique and original decorations with patterns but also imitations of parquet or tiled floors at very attractive prices.

Parquet in the kitchen

Saint Maclou ### The parquet certainly adds cachet to the rooms it covers, but not all woods are suitable for the kitchen. We will have to choose a hard wood capable of withstanding temperature variations, humidity in the room but also stains. Then prefer exotic woods like teak or turn to parquet floors that have undergone special treatment.

Concrete in the kitchen

Schmidt ### For a raw and industrial look, you can turn to waxed concrete but you should know that concrete will live and that it is much less solid than tiling. If you want a concrete look, you can opt for tile or vinyl that mimics this material.

Cork in the kitchen

Saint Maclou ### Cork is ideal for a kitchen floor because it resists the humidity in the room. It also has insulating qualities which will make it possible to absorb noise. And contrary to popular belief, cork is very easy to maintain.


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