These kettles that take the temperature of the water

These kettles that take the temperature of the water

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To obtain a tea prepared to perfection, the choice of water temperature is essential. We therefore equip ourselves with a variable temperature kettle as soon as possible! Round, colorful, design, retro or futuristic, it will make your breaks a special moment. Focus on 10 practical and versatile kettles.

Energy efficient kettle

Riviera & Bar With its refined lines and its comfort of use, this jewel of innovation has something to seduce lovers of hot drinks. Equipped with a thermostat allowing to select 6 temperatures: 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100 ° C and a digital display screen with indication of the progress of use the QD 658 A kettle is made a place of choice "hot" technology version. Its more? Intelligent temperature management for energy savings of up to 20% compared to all the kettles on the market. Riviera & Bar QD 658 A kettle, € 79.99

A kettle that maintains the water temperature

Rosenstein & Söehne Thanks to this beautiful kitchen accessory, made of ultra-resistant Duran Schott glass, you will no longer see breakfasts the same way. Save money and no longer heat the water unnecessarily! At the touch of a button, select the temperature of your choice from its five modes. A major asset, it has a function that maintains the water temperature. Rosenstein NC 3531 kettle, € 69.90

An ultra-practical 2-in-1 kettle

Rosenstein & Söhne Tea time has come! Enjoy each kind of tea brewed in water at the right temperature with this complete Rosenstein & Söhne set consisting of a kettle with choice of temperature and a teapot, all in stainless steel. With this elegant appliance, you have everything you need to prepare a perfect tea. Rosenstein NC 3688 kettle, € 59.90

A controlled temperature for a sublimated tea

Tefal For a quality infusion, controlling the water temperature is essential. With a selector of 3 temperatures depending on the type of tea (white tea: + 80 ° C; green tea: between 80 ° and boiling; black tea: boiling), the TEFAL Vitesse kettle will undoubtedly appeal to tea lovers . Tefal VitesseS kettle, € 39.90

A retro kettle

Riviera & Bar With its retro design, the QD661A cordless kettle is designed to make your life easier! Powerful, economical and easy to use, it will accompany you throughout the day thanks to its 6 temperatures which easily adapt to a wide choice of preparations. Riviera & Bar Dome Kettle, 80.02 euros

A versatile kettle

Siméo Useful and practical, the CT450 adjustable temperature kettle from Siméo allows you to adapt the water temperature to the preparations you wish to make. Versatile, you can choose between 4 types of temperature. 40 ° C, to prepare baby bottles, 60 ° C, the ideal temperature to brew white, green or yellow tea, 80 ° C for herbal teas and 100 ° C, to successfully infuse black teas. Simeo CT 450 kettle, € 37.94

A design kettle

Bosch For design lovers and tea lovers, the Bosch TWK8611 Styline electric kettle is the ideal kitchen accessory. Powerful, it has 4 adjustable temperature levels and 3 automatic stops: at boiling point, when the lid is opened and when the base is raised. Bosch Styline kettle, € 68.90

A futuristic looking kettle

Melitta With its futuristic design and its backlit water tank, the Look Aqua Vario kettle will allow you to obtain water at the right temperature for your hot drinks. Between design and efficiency, you don't have to choose! Melitta's Aqua Vario kettle, € 52.97

A secure kettle

Phillips The Phillips HD9380 / 20 kettle has everything you need. With its 5 pre-programmed buttons for the selection of your favorite hot drink, its filling lid and spout, its 360 ° cordless base for easy installation, its micro-mesh filter and its 4 security systems, this pretty kettle will not leave you indifferent! Philips Avance Collection kettle, € 79.99