A small practical dressing room in the entrance

A small practical dressing room in the entrance

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The entrance is a space that is rarely used wisely. Often narrow and ill-proportioned, it nevertheless presents multiple development possibilities! With a little trick and adequate furniture, it is easy to install a small dressing room which will quickly become essential to store clothes, bags and store the keys. Coat hooks, clothes rack, cupboard ... Follow the guide for a stylish and well thought out entry!

A designer entrance

The Collection If you don't have the space to install a dressing room in your entrance hall, invent your own clothes storage! The walls can be covered - without visually overloading the room - thanks to pretty coat hooks on which bags, clothes and hats are hung.

The built-in wardrobe

Sogal A safe bet in the world of storage, the built-in wardrobe seduces us with its discretion and functionality. Customizable at will, we hide it with sliding doors or a nice pair of curtains.

On a country air

Zara Home Zara Home proves to us that the entrance dressing room can also look like a family home. Accessorized with mirrors, baskets and retro hat boxes, the coat rack immediately takes on a sophisticated and authentic look.

An arty entry

Roche Bobois If you don't have the possibility of creating a built-in closet to store discreetly, choose to show everything! With style and a touch of design, the open wall rack has proven itself among fans of decoration and optimized storage.

Smart accessories

AM PM Each object has its storage! Multiply accessories and practical small furniture to elegantly store umbrellas, scarves and hats, coats and shoes.

I want design!

Fleux For non-conformists and design addicts, the dressing room takes new forms and surprises guests upon entry! Forget the traditional horizontal rack, place the extraordinary coat hooks and shelves with quirky shapes.

A harmonious whole

MatelPro For more visual clarity and decorative consistency, opt for small pieces of furniture available in shades of color, or in the same style. The dresser / cupboard / bench / mirror sets are particularly effective for storing a maximum of personal effects and preparing to go out with confidence.

Minimalist dressing

House Doctor / Ikea A dressing room is not necessarily synonymous with a large, imposing closet. It can also take a more discreet form and consist of a sober row or a simple chest of drawers accompanied by a pretty coat hook. Avoid overloading furniture in the hallway to visually ventilate it and leave enough space to move around comfortably!

Well-chosen furniture

AM PM Small spaces require functional and discreet furniture. We like duos like the coat rack / wardrobe, coat hook / bench, wall lockers / dresser combinations, which are ideal for storing clothes and accessories without overloading the entrance.