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Pattern ideas to brighten up the house

Pattern ideas to brighten up the house

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In the house, patterns are your decorative allies to brighten up every room in the house provided you know how to choose and use them. So to help you, we offer 10 inspirations that will give you ideas of patterns while suggesting a use.

Stripes on the walls

What if we brightened up the walls with stripes? But to avoid the total look effect, we only play with three horizontal bands that we apply as if it were a frieze. And for the decorative effect, we mix three different colors.

Peas on the decor

The peas instantly put a good mood in the house thanks to their round shape and bright colors. So we put on peas on decorative items for example but also on the walls with large peas that can be created with a bright paint.

Original chairs

To give character to a dining room, a strong pattern is applied to one of the pieces of furniture. In this room, we chose to apply a zebra fabric on the chairs to establish the decor style.

An oriental carpet

To warm up any room, carpets with oriental patterns are real jewelry. We do not hesitate to marry them with an oriental or even baroque decoration to make the house travel.

A flowery armchair

In this white room, we come to decorate the decor with the patterns! For this, we can choose a flowery armchair that will bring cheerfulness to the room while delicacy.

Patterned curtains

To bring your windows to life, you can count on the curtains and all the more on the patterned curtains that will make the show in the living room. You can choose a classic pattern with flower crowns on condition that you wake it up with a bright yellow that meets the sofa.

Patterns even on furniture

It's not just decorative accessories that can be adorned with patterns. On the contrary, you can easily transform a piece of furniture by applying wallpaper patterns or other images on each drawer to create a unique piece of furniture.

Cushions on the bed

As in hotels, we adorn the bed with several cushions to give it volume! But to add a note of style, we put on offset patterns with original digital prints.

Patterns outside

Finally, outside too, the grounds brighten up the house! We do not hesitate to add patterned cushions to our garden furniture like these houndstooth models which establish the design and graphic style of the armchairs.