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Why choose a white worktop?

Why choose a white worktop?

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Behind the stoves, the work plan plays a key role. The advantage of white models is that they combine with all color palettes. Timeless and chameleon, they can be installed in all styles of kitchen, regardless of the color of your floor, wall covering or furniture. The proof, we have found ten kitchens whose immaculate worktop makes all the difference.

Energize the room with a splashback

Lapeyre Do you think white is too neutral a color in the kitchen? To bring color and texture behind the stoves, install an original splashback in tile. You can then create a unique frieze. You can also opt for a slate paint or a magnetic splashback to paste your shopping list.

Immaculate cuisine

Leroy Merlin If, on the other hand, you love white kitchens, bet everything on an immaculate work surface. The room will only be brighter and will have a very elegant style. Remember to customize your closet doors to break the sometimes too "smooth" look of the facades.

Play on colors

SoCoo'c With a white worktop, all colors are allowed! In this Optimum kitchen by SoCoo'c, royal blue and yellow blend perfectly with the white color, which is also recalled on tall storage units. Special mention for the colored hood.

A marble effect of the most beautiful effect

Leroy Merlin In order not to choose an entirely white worktop, the Leroy Merlin brand had the good idea to offer a rather stunning marble effect finish. Much cheaper than real marble, this model gives a more luxurious style to the kitchen.

Mix white and wood colors

Espace Aubade In a contemporary or Scandinavian-style room, white is the friend of wood. Whether your work plan is on a wooden island or your storage elements combine the two colors, you will create a very trendy Nordic atmosphere.

Choose a red kitchen

Leroy Merlin Red and white go hand in hand. Instead of favoring one or the other to revamp your kitchen, combine an immaculate worktop with passion red lacquered facades. To avoid cluttering the work surface, install open shelves and a splash bar to hang your utensils.

A surface that shines brightly

Lapeyre Among the different finishes that exist when adopting a white worktop, the lacquered range allows to bring more brightness to the room while significantly enlarging the space. It is ideal for a narrow or long kitchen. The little extra? Paint your splashback in a pop or tangy color.

Highlighting your working white

Lapeyre Contrary to popular belief, white is not a neutral color. The proof, it is highlighted using the colors that surround it as here with this piece of royal blue wall. Consider putting touches of white here and there, with bar stools or decorative accessories, to create visual harmony.

A retractable worktop

Leroy Merlin If you don't have a place in the kitchen, opt for a retractable worktop that you can put away when you don't need it. To further optimize the space, you can use it as a dining area.


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