The new collection of Monsieur Meuble under the sign of audacity!

The new collection of Monsieur Meuble under the sign of audacity!

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Audacity is part of the new collection of Monsieur Meuble! Colors, style contrasts and uninhibited lines tease the decor this season. On the program: the dressers dress in stripes, the period armchairs revisit styles, the wardrobes are clever and the sofas invite themselves outside… A quick overview in pictures of the new collection.

A bayadère wardrobe

Monsieur Meuble Both furniture for storing but also a display case for exhibiting, this wardrobe is adorned with multicolored stripes that energize the room. A successful contrast effect with the traditional curves of the furniture!

A white buffet

Monsieur Meuble In a Provencal spirit, this large buffet is ideal for accommodating all the dishes that we need to receive in the rules of art. In bleached wood, it fits perfectly into an interior in search of authenticity.

A striped chest of drawers

Monsieur Meuble A play of horizontal stripes wakes up this wooden chest of drawers. In a bayadère spirit, she wakes up with a new look that will delight her and spice up her traditional lines.

A linen armchair

Monsieur Meuble This comfortable armchair calling for rest is highlighted with a fine colored border. It creates a Flemish spirit to your decor. Perfect in a bedroom as an armchair or in a living room to read!

A contemporary dining room

Monsieur Meuble This dining room with contemporary lines contrasts nicely with the classic attributes of the room. The idea to remember: the opposition in styles enhance each other.

An outdoor lounge

Monsieur Meuble When the beautiful days come, the living room settles outside. Natural colors enhanced with warm tones and linear lines echo the terrace.

A pure white living room

Monsieur Meuble Like in a cocoon, the living room dresses entirely in white to bring it light and a lot of elegance. Warm in places with blond wood, it has a very trendy Scandinavian spirit.

A sofa bed

Monsieur Meuble Large spaces envy this sofa which unfolds into a comfortable bed when the time comes to go to bed.