Blackout of light: everything to accessorize windows

Blackout of light: everything to accessorize windows

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Since the arrival of the beautiful days, the question on the blackout of the light in the house resurfaces. For those who had considered changing their operation or installation, here is something to inspire you: a dozen proposals, all concentrated around the windows…

Rolling shutters on seated dog

La Redoute The title is surprising, but the result very effective. For these so-called "seated dog" shutters, the final effect resembles that of a deported parasol. They are deployed above the openings so as to be able to take advantage of daylight without it dazzling the interior.

Adjustable shutters

Lapeyre To hide with great precision, we vote for shutters with adjustable slats! Thus, we keep full control over the interior brightness.


La Redoute Mosquito nets are above all used to prevent the entry of insects inside. However, some models combine a blackout effect at least equal to the light curtains that generally dress the openings.


Leroy Merlin To completely hide a room, the shutters compete with traditional shutters. Their advantage: discretion. Because once folded to the side, they hardly stand out.

Swing shutters

Lapeyre Classic, the shutters are used in summer to protect the interior from light and outside heat, and at night so that no ray of sunshine disturbs our sleep.

Tilt and turn

Lapeyre To protect ourselves from the sun while ventilating the interior, we say long live the tilt-and-turn shutters!

Motorized blinds

Leroy Merlin A remote control, a button, and the shutters can be raised or lowered to the desired height to best hide the interior depending on the time of day.


Leroy Merlin The simplest for the end. Because there is nothing like a good pair of curtains, more or less thick depending on the season, to hide a room!

Traditional blinds

La Redoute Occult from the inside does not necessarily go through curtains. The blinds, Venetians, boats or others, are also very popular ...


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