10 favorites of the Maison & Objet trade fair

10 favorites of the Maison & Objet trade fair

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For 5 days, Maison & Objet puts the world of the house in the spotlight in order to present all the latest brand trends. A real place of inspiration where it is easy to get lost as the offer is colossal. So to help you see a little more clearly, we have selected 10 favorites that marked this edition.

The baskets revisited by Bloomingville

D'home Productions This season, we sublimate everyday life! And this goes through classic objects that we do not hesitate to energize with a touch of originality. We fall for example for these baskets revisited with modernity thanks to a two-color game.

The colorful bed linen from Desigual

D'home Productions With the theme "Energies" this year at the show, no question of missing one! This is what Desigual decided with ultra graphic bed linen that dares without complex bright colors to offer you morning full of energy.

LSA pastel glasses

D'home Productions The pastel summer trend is not yet to be put aside! On the contrary, it still seduces for this return and is available on all supports. Our favorite ? The LSA glasses which dress in delightfully pastel colors to put a little sweetness on the tables for the start of the school year.

The decorations for Artgato cakes

D'home Productions This season, we put energy into everything we do! So when we set the table for a child's snack, we put on Artgato decorative accessories with cake servers, vintage straws and decorated cupcake boxes. All to sublimate home made creations.

Cookut candlesticks

D'home Productions What if you became the designer of your decorative items? This is what Cookut offers with a candlestick to assemble as you wish. The concept is simple, you buy the number of modules you want, in the colors of your choice and you assemble! The only limit is your imagination.

Lékué's Pasta Cooker

D'home Productions Because we always lack time, Lékué has imagined a practical accessory to cook pasta in the microwave. The practical utensil will even serve as a colander and serving dish to also optimize the space. A real asset in the kitchen!

Sodastream soda machine

D'home Productions We already knew the soda machine but for the start of the school year, there is something new at Sodastream! Not only will you be able to treat yourself to a trendy machine thanks to its Scandinavian-inspired design, but you will also be able to treat yourself to perfume pods with the right quantity to make your favorite sodas.

Poetic lighting from Petit Pan

D'home Productions To bring a touch of originality to the house, Petit Pan has imagined light and poetic lighting like this teapot which will give a little Alice in Wonderland feel to the decor.

Decorative mattresses from Nobodinoz

D'home Productions Children also have the right to a sophisticated decoration. The proof with Nobodinoz textiles and more specifically the very decorative mattresses of the brand which can be used as a reading bench, a space for play or relaxation. All while making parents jealous!


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