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Discover the new Ikea bathroom collection

Discover the new Ikea bathroom collection

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Back to school, synonymous with renewal, gives us the desire to decorate! What if you started by reviewing the layout of your bathroom? Often monochrome, a little sad, it remains for many of us an impersonal place of passage. The Ikea brand understands this and wants to sweep away the dull and traditional decor! Exit plastic and low-end furniture, make way for beautiful materials and smart furniture! A quick overview of new products.

Chic at a low price

Ikea With its Silveran collection, Ikea has chosen to offer a very aesthetic basic at an affordable price: we love the country spirit of the facades made of white wooden slats! Wall cabinets, mirrors or low furniture, the furniture complements to form a sober and timeless whole.

Design space

Ikea Who said that the bathroom does not also have the right to a designer layout? Exit the old-fashioned and too classic furniture, make way for the lacquered storage in tune with the times! The vanity unit has two generously sized drawers, with dividers that compartmentalize the space and allow you to find your belongings in the blink of an eye.

Return of the retro

Ikea Ikea is riding the retro wave with this Hemnes set, which takes us back to the 1930s bathroom. Like the old vanity tables, the vanity unit is topped with a nice, curved and spacious sink. We particularly like the omnipresent white which modernizes the room while reducing the space.

Blue is the color…

Ikea Ikea revisits here the blue bathroom - very fashionable in the 90s - by bringing it a touch of pep and modernity. The set is fresh and coordinated, and is particularly suitable for teens who will quickly adopt its functionality and style without fuss.

Classic chic

Ikea Brown wood resumes its letters of nobility in this white bathroom with a timeless look. The storage column serves as a separation between the shower and the rest of the room, while providing storage space for beauty products that are easily accessible when washing.

Monastic simplicity

Ikea We love the simple and zen style of this light wooden bathroom. Nothing superfluous here, the essentials are highlighted by the bare whiteness of the walls and the floor.

Practical and stylish

Ikea Large and blended families are a reality that is not always taken into account by the decoration brands. Ikea proves us the opposite by proposing clever arrangements, like these three aligned basins under which everyone stores their personal effects: no disputes between the youngest! Circulation is facilitated and the layout even allows the installation of a laundry area.

We invest the walls

Ikea When the space is too small, you have to go up! In this bathroom in punchy tones, the coat hooks, hooks and wall cabinets invest the room without suffocating it. By choosing a color unit, furniture and objects blend more easily into the decor while visually enlarging the room!

A small space full of tricks

Ikea In this small bathroom with a very designer look, the furniture has been perfectly distributed so that everyone has access to what they need, without obstructing traffic or overloading the walls. So its users have two bathroom cabinets (Gunnern), a piece of furniture under the sink, a storage column and different hooks to dry the bathroom linen. Love at first sight for the orange shower column and the mirror hanging on a thread of the same color, for the subtle reminder of tones!