Chinese decor in the spotlight

Chinese decor in the spotlight

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We thought the holidays were over, but of course, that was without counting on the Chinese New Year! Between parades and breathtaking fireworks, the month of January ends in a goodbye to the year of the rabbit to welcome with open arms, that of the water dragon. A well chosen opportunity to take your decor to China

Dragon patterns

Elitis ### Not only the patterns of dragons, which symbolize the emperor, characterize China well, but in addition, 2012 is the year of the water dragon: two good reasons to bring this legendary animal into the decor, like here, on this enchanting wallpaper…

Chinese crafts on furniture

Maisons du Monde ### A fine example of a 100% Chinese bedroom. Here, we find all the charm of traditional decorations thanks to the choice of wooden furniture, which is worked in Indian ink. But to perfect it all, the embroidered silk textiles covering the bed and the minimalist and refined arrangement of the decor also play a key role. The result is truer than life.

A Chinese canvas hanging on the wall

Ikéa ### Another example of the use of classic Chinese signs in decoration. Here, they cover a large white canvas hanging on the wall, like a real decorative object. And the atmosphere is created!

Chinese-inspired bed linen

3 Suisses ### The eternal Chinese signs dress this time the bed linen to set the tone in the bedroom. And to accentuate this Asian decorative bias, a hanging red lantern acts as a bedside lamp. Simple but subtle.


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