My room sees life in gray

My room sees life in gray

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Gray is one of the trend colors for 2014. It is also a color that has an undeniable advantage: it never goes out of fashion. Gray is a color that supports both a warm decor and a modern decor. We can play with colors, materials and even coordinate gray with other colors. In short, gray is one of the colors to adopt, especially in the bedroom. And to find out, here are 10 rooms that see life in gray.

Teen version

Maisons du Monde Teenagers can also have a gray room. Here we discover a layout where gray meets white and natural colors brilliantly. We love the presence of wood and rattan expertly enhanced and the omnipresence of stars.

Dressing room

Ikea Here you find a bedroom where the gray color is present on the floor in a fairly strong shade, and on the bed in a lighter shade. Cleverly married to black and white, gray brings warmth and a touch of modernity here. An alliance that we like!


Roche Bobois This room seems simple and yet, if we dwell on the details, it is full of surprises. The chest of drawers, the armchair and the bed have a gray leather look. They are highlighted by an anthracite gray waxed concrete floor and a red brick wall. The rugs magnify the room by bringing color.

Gray and white

Camif The marriage of gray and white is a marriage that works. Here you admire a room where gray has been cleverly placed on the floor and seat, and married to white and black. The bedroom exudes serenity and rest thanks to the many curtains.


La Redoute Here is a room that combines tradition and modernity. Classic furniture, bordering on Baroque, is decorated with very contemporary decorative elements. The whole is enhanced by a trendy shades of gray.


La Redoute Everyone can enjoy the gray, even the followers of classic decor. Here you discover a magnificent gray bed as classic as it is elegant. We love the set that combines solid gray and patterns. The whole is enhanced by a natural wooden floor.


La Redoute Here is a bed to adopt. Thanks to its drawers, it offers a lot of storage to unclutter the room. But what we prefer here are the colors of the bed and bedside tables: a gray artfully highlighted by the marriage with white and wood.

Gray and white home decor

Geometric Delamaison There are a thousand and one ways to create a trendy decor with gray. Here you will find a sober and geometric bed set that allows gray to white to be combined. We love the white headboard highlighted by the gray wall.

Stained wood

La Redoute Marrying different shades of gray also means playing with materials. Here we love the stained wooden headboard which gives a perfectly measured gray. With white or shades of gray, the result is breathtaking. A decorative idea to remember for the bedroom of adults as well as that of children.


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