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Color in the teenage bedroom!

Color in the teenage bedroom!

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Because teens often see life in color, we put on a colorful decoration that looks like them! Walls, accessories, bed linen, everything is good for bringing color into the teenage bedroom. Here are 15 rooms to inspire you.

Red for a pop vibe

Leroy Merlin To create a pop style in the teenage bedroom, we put on an almost total red look! You can then use the accessories but also the wall and floor coverings to bring in this bright and very dynamic color.

Green for a natural and tangy style

La Redoute For a tangy room with a touch of nature, go green. For this, opt for bed linen that you will marry with colors natural enough to bring out the color by touches.

Purple for revisited romanticism

Fly For a room with a very modern romanticism, we put on purple which will replace the traditional pink. Purple is very trendy, you will find many pieces of furniture in this color to create an original decoration.

Blue for a vintage atmosphere

La Redoute Finally, to bring a vintage style to the teenage bedroom, choose a pretty gray blue which will give a very soft atmosphere of yesteryear. Do not hesitate to choose a color for the walls and choose a tone above for the color of the furniture.

Blue and brown for sobriety

Zalf Here is a magnificent bedroom that will appeal to young boys and teens alike. Here blue is associated with neutral colors such as brown and beige. The whole is soft, sober and elegant.

Blue for a seaside atmosphere

Carotti In this marine style room, blue is in the spotlight. The furniture is in dark wood, in cherry to be more precise. The set gives your teenager the impression of being in a boat.

Red for modernity

Tiramolla Red and white, two colors that combine perfectly. Here we discover modern furniture and colors that will undoubtedly appeal to a teenager, whether it is a girl or a boy.

Pink and purple for a very feminine touch

Maisons du Monde Here is a very feminine room. Here gray, purple and pink combine successfully. We love the furniture, the stickers and the natural decor. Your daughter will surely be as amazed as we are.

Fuchsia for romanticism

Maisons du Monde Here is a room that is simply magnificent, which will be adored by romantic teenagers. The power of fuchsia pink, present on furniture and household linens, is enhanced by a little white.

The traditional blue for a teenager

Maisons du Monde Do you respect the codes? Do you want a blue room for your teenager? Maisons du Monde offers you this ideal room for a boy. She is beautiful and incredibly fashionable.

Orange for originality

Clei In this room, the hues of orange multiply for an energetic and warm rendering. Both girls and boys will adopt this quirky and fruity atmosphere.

Gray and pink for a girly and modern atmosphere

Tiramolla Gray and pink are two colors that blend perfectly. To please teens, choose strong colors that will give a contemporary look to the room.

The purple to associate

Clei Purple is a magical color that has the ability to match a multitude of colors. We love its association with green which gives a sometimes natural, sometimes modern side.

Green, blue and red

Maisons du Monde Green, blue and red, here are three colors that, alone or together, will delight little boys and teens. Prefer strong colors that are more modern and adapt the decor to the wishes of your teen.


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