10 models of gloves for small hands

10 models of gloves for small hands

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With its freezing mornings and its leaden sky, winter is still remembered this year. It is now high time to exchange the autumnal attire of our toddler for the benefit of warm pelisses and other warmy accessories. Colorful mittens, playful and whimsical mittens ... this year gloves are more funky than trendy. Demonstration!

Crochet mittens

At Crafty House This is the thermometer, indeed, tumbled! So to prevent your little princess from getting cold and to allow her to start winter on the right foot, make her pretty powder pink mittens. Armed with your 6.5 cm hook and your pink wool, gradually assemble the stitches. Once the mittens are finished, all you have to do is sew a heart using a needle and a red silk fabric, and that's it! * More info on this DIY: A Crafty House *

Mittens inspired by the world of Nemo

Diigo More than ten years after its creation, the cartoon Le Monde de Némo continues to cause a sensation with our pretty little blond heads. If your little one fell in love with the intrepid Nemo clownfish, please him by making gloves like his favorite cartoon using black, white and orange thread and a knitting needle. * Tutorial via: Ravelry *

Dinosaur-shaped gloves

Mme Zsazsa And if this year, we were focusing on singularity with gloves in the shape of a small dinosaur. No need to be an expert! To do this, all you need is a pair of green gloves, two buttons and a piece of white felt. We cut the felt to make the teeth, then we sew the teeth and buttons that will act as eyes. Easy right? * More info on this DIY: Mme Zsazsa *

Monstrous gloves!

Martha Stewart Because our children love to play little monsters all the time, here are the perfect gloves. After printing the pattern imagined by Martha Stewart, you will use embroidery thread to create the nostrils and will have buttons as eyes. Then, using your pattern, you will cut out the red and orange felt, the fins and the mane and assemble everything. * More info on this DIY: Martha Stewart *

Customized puppy paw gloves

Handmade Charlotte If your child likes dogs above all, make him a funny pair of gloves in the shape of puppy's paws. It could not be easier ! You just have to cut three circles out of brown felt which you will then stick to the center of the white knitted glove. For each finger, you will then cut in the same way small circles that you will also stick at the end of each finger! Guaranteed effect! * Tutorial via: Handmade Charlotte *

Cat-shaped mittens

Aly Oops Conversely, if your toddler is passionate about cats, why not simply make mittens inspired by his favorite animal? If you want to make this model, bring a kit of four double-pointed needles, colored wool and a good dose of patience. * More info on this DIY: Aly Oops *

Two-color gloves

Tangled Happy It is well known, the best ideas are always the simplest. So if you too have been seduced by these beautiful two-tone crochet mittens and you have a newborn baby, now is the time to get started! Using acrylic wool, a 5.5 mm crochet needle, scissors and a tapestry needle, set off on an adventure by following this tutorial step by step. * More info on this DIY: Tangled Happy *

Delicate pastel gloves

The Purl Bee After years of knitting square gloves, you want to start making round mittens. To make these warm and cozy little wonders, nothing could be easier if you are used to knitting. Select a jade, pink or yellow skein and a second off-white. Using double pointed needles, all you have to do is get started! * More info on this DIY: The Purl Bee *

Very stylish mittens

Heise Photography Favorite for these adorable mittens inspired by the pretty lace doilies of our grandmothers. Made using a 3 mm hook and a red wire, they will crack more than one! * Tutorial via: Crochetlatte *