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The dressing room is no longer hiding

The dressing room is no longer hiding

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Having a room dedicated to clothing is the dream of all fashionistas. But the shortage of square meters means that we have to cut our clothes off in dressers. Rest assured, it is possible to store your belongings with dignity by putting together a homemade dressing room. And good news, it is revealed before our eyes. Watch your eyes, sweaters, dresses, shoes… show off!

Display your shoes

Ikea You do not know where to store your shoes? Show them off to everyone's eyes by storing them wisely on your living room bookcase. All you have to do is enjoy them every evening.

A dressing room at the end of the bed

Ikea Baskets, shelves, rods come together to dress the wall like a colorful picture.

A dressing room to play and store in the children's room

Maisons du monde Part open to accommodate toys and clothes, part closed to store things not to be seen.

A globe trotter dressing room

Maisons du Monde This large trunk hides clever and well-organized compartments to store your belongings without losing space. A dressing function which also combines a "world traveler" spirit which is not to displease us.

An industrial style dressing room

Maisons du Monde A large metal wardrobe as a dressing room. We love ! Flanked by two doors to store your belongings, it offers a wide open central space that allows you to nicely install your most beautiful fabrics.

A dressing room open to the studio

Ikea Your studio is sold out! Have you thought about freeing up a section of wall and installing a large walk-in closet that will accommodate all your belongings so you can see everything at a glance. And when the guests arrive, close it with a large curtain.

A family dressing room

Ikea This landing crosses the whole family. It was therefore decided to store the common items on several levels of shelves. Bath towels, sheets ... take possession of the shelves.

A dressing room in a corner of the living room

Ikea Thick wooden shelves, coordinating white baskets, designer bags nicely decorate this wardrobe. A decorative bias that makes you want to leave it ajar!

All the walls turn into a dressing room

Ikea Annex the four walls of the room to make your giant dressing room. A word of advice: keep a color unit between the wall and the elements of the dressing room.