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Christmas: design & high tech gift ideas

Christmas: design & high tech gift ideas

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And if this year for Christmas we were picking on the side of design AND high tech to fill our own wishlist - you have to think about yourself sometimes - or to give yourself gift ideas? Nomad speakers so beautiful that we would almost use them as a handbag, photo accessories that link film and digital with intelligence and aesthetics, radios that will not go mismatched in a designer lounge, and of course connected objects that make our lives at home even more beautiful and comfortable…

Design & speakers

Because we listen to more and more music in a nomadic way… 1. Emïly by Ora Ito Mobility: a nomad speaker designed by the talented Ora Ito 2. Classic by Tangent: oval design and wood finish for a very beautiful object 3. Lenny from Habitat x Elipson: when the Habitat design studio joins forces with the high-end French brand specializing in hifi, Elipson 4. Berlin Boombox: we really like this eco-friendly ghetto-blaster to assemble yourself and designed by German designer Axel Pfaender 5. Beoplay A2 by B&O Play by Bang & Olufsen: supreme elegance for this speaker with leather handle

Design & photo

Back on the side of material photography for the 21st century esthete! 1. A Hard Graft strap: to elegantly carry your reflex in photo reporting 2. The Instant Lab of Impossible: or how to print photos taken via smartphone 3. Lomography pinhole camera: the object itself is superb, we can't resist the 6x6 pocket pinhole camera offered by Ondu

Design & radio

A nice radio to have breakfast in style. 1. The legendary Tivoli Model One: we no longer present the essential Tivoli model, but what better Christmas present? 2. Lexon's Hybrid radio: successful mix of modern plastic and raw rattan at Lexon 3. DAB 2go radio from Tangent: you will take it everywhere with its practical handle and its fifties design 4. The Magno radio from Singgih Kartono: produced handmade in an agricultural village in Indonesia, this radio mixes retro and new technologies 5. The radio Evoke Mio by Orla Kiely: a radio imagined by the Irish designer Orla Kiely known for her fifties prints