Total white look in the house!

Total white look in the house!

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Long disparaged in decoration - too messy, too kitsch - white is making a comeback in the house by bringing a breath of fresh air! Pure, zen and relaxing, the white color gives a very chic serene atmosphere to our interiors, at a time when the cocooning trend is becoming a lifestyle in its own right. With its infinite variation of tones, white goes perfectly with all decorative styles: a good reason to succumb to its multiple facets! Romantic, design or Zen, discover all the possibilities of atmosphere for an original and delicate decoration.

Royal look

Farrow & Ball We draw from the good ideas of the British prince of Farrow & Ball painting: in a slightly darker tone (here a gray white), we paint pretty stencil patterns to form a trompe l'oeil headboard . We apply the principle at will on different pieces of furniture for an amazing effect!

A warm white

The Collection The total white look is not necessarily cold as you might imagine at first: the proof with this composition imagined by the English of The Collection. The imitation paneling wallpaper, associated with the soft sofa, undoubtedly have a warm and welcoming side.

A current bathroom

Porcelanosa White is the color of choice for bathrooms, traditionally covered with immaculate earthenware. The polar aspect of white is here broken by the roundness of the bathtub: you immediately feel good in this environment, however, devoid of colors.

Modern chic

H Comme Home White immediately brings a touch of glamor to the room. Timeless, he knows how to be refined as here with a touch of black and silver. Chic decoration for shock effect!

Immaculate kitchen

Cuisinella The kitchen is often the territory of bright colors and vitamin atmospheres. Cuisinella takes the opposite of this trend with this immaculate very chic model, with an almost lunar look. Perfect for breakfasts with your head in the stars!

Bet on accessories

Zara Home If the total immaculate look scares you, why not start by accessorizing your interior with pretty white pieces? Curtains, throws and cushions are easy to find in shops and to place in different places of the house for a soft and refined touch. You may succumb to the monochrome decoration afterwards!

We dare white in the living room

Ikea We applaud the monochrome composition imagined by Ikea, who was able to marry with skill different pieces of white furniture enhanced with lightness by a few black lines: successful bet for a result that is out of the ordinary!

Egg shell

Zara Home To break away from the cold side of pure white, we trick by using off-white instead! More warm, natural and authentic, it comes in a thousand gray or slightly woody aspects.

Polar white

Hôtel Banville Associated with a touch of silver and a collection of cleverly arranged mirrors, white reveals all its lightness and its many facets. It has the advantage of visually enlarging the space, so we will take care not to clutter the room with overly imposing furniture or trinkets.