5 hotels and guesthouses by Téva Déco's editorial staff

5 hotels and guesthouses by Téva Déco's editorial staff

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Among the quantity of bed and breakfast hotels found in France, some try to stand out at best. By offering a room in a caravan, an old church or an ecological spa, the editorial staff of Téva Déco presents a selection of 5 unusual places.

A real corner of serenity and well-being

Eco-Hôtel Spa Yves Rocher With a superb view over the 10 hectares, the spa hotel has bet on a wooden building, because nothing is more ecological and natural. The roofs are vegetated for optimal thermal and sound insulation. Everything is organic and natural, from the kitchen to the decoration to the bedding.

The Priory Hotel as beautiful from the outside as from the inside in Villeneuve les Avignons

The Priory In a superb 14th century building, covered with Virginia creeper, we discover the luxury Priory Hotel, offering a simple and bright aesthetic that invites serenity. Between the past of the original stone and the present of contemporary furniture, this hotel offers a gourmet restaurant, a boutique and super chic rooms. from € 200 per room Le Prieuré - Hotel Restaurant 7 place du Chapitre 30400 Villeneuve-lès-Avignon Tel. / Fax. [email protected]

Mixing old and contemporary works wonderfully

The Priory In order to give a class side while remaining sober and natural, the priory hotel has bet on a contemporary decoration in warm colors mixed with an older base such as doors or certain furniture.

A soothing atmosphere in the house that looks to Rouen

The house that looks Outside cladding and vintage garden furniture, nothing more is needed to give a rustic and warm style to the house. In the heart of old Rouen, the leaning house offers three bedrooms, one with a view of the city, splendid. Room from 90 € (breakfast included) La Maison qui penche 4 place Barthélémy 76 000 Rouen Tel: +33 (0)

Everything is straight and sublime in the leaning house

The leaning house In an 18th century building, tastefully arranged, this Baroque setting offers three bedrooms arranged with refinement and poetry. We especially love the foot tub in the bedroom.

The Château de l'Epinay, a magical place between Paris and Nantes

Château Epinay Everything outside this castle has remained as much as it was, nothing has been distorted. With a facade from different eras, the building has large openings and a pretty park. The must: the natural swimming pool without chemical which drowns in the decoration, brilliant. Room from 130 € Château d'Epinay 49170 Saint Georges sur Loire 02 41 39 87 05 [email protected]

Castle life is possible with the Château de l'Epinay

Château Epinay The rooms of the château are decorated in a contemporary way but also taking into account its history. In some rooms, such as here, the owner has painted frescoes directly on the walls, which brings a touch of poetry and chic to the whole.

Combine music and design at Nhow Berlin in Germany

Nhow Berlin The Nhow Berlin, the first hotel in Europe with a section devoted to music, opened its doors in Berlin. With a superb view of the Spree river, the hotel also has a fashion and creative scene. Quirky, lively and dynamic, the Nhow Berlin has it all. Stralauer Allee 3 10245 Berlin Phone: + 49- (0) 30-290 299 0 Fax: + 49- (0) 30-290 299 2000 Email: [email protected]

A colorful and surreal atmosphere in the rooms

Nhow Berlin All 304 rooms have a refreshing look. The American design Karim Raschid has bet on stimulating colors such as fuchsia or candy pink.


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