Red: a must in the garden

Red: a must in the garden

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If there is one color that we find every year in gardens, it is red! Ultra bright color, red does not fail to find its place in all styles, whether you are pop or design and we appreciate it for its cheerfulness that comes to pulsate the decor of the garden. Here are 10 ideas for adopting it if you haven't already.

Red umbrella

Tectona And to bring red onto your terrace, you can add a large red parasol on your table. The effect will then be warm and sunny.

The red version terrace

Conforama If you do not want to play with garden furniture and want to bring red with originality on the terrace, bet on your house! A red basement and shutters of the same color will give tone to the terrace.

A designer deckchair

Citrus At the edge of the swimming pool, add a red deckchair to your usual black models. The design style will always be present with a touch of vitality in addition to brighten up the pool.

A red garden furniture

Maisons du monde The star of the garden is the woven resin garden furniture. So when we replace the usually white cushions with red models, the decor becomes ultra trendy and dynamic for spicy evenings on the terrace or in the garden.

Textile party

Ikea For a very cheerful country atmosphere, it is on red textiles that we put. On the program: floor mattresses, fabric deckchairs, parasols and cushions proudly display a warm red that can be combined with pink and yellow for a color block style.

Colorful idleness

Paragraph To evoke the warmth of southern countries, red is applied everywhere on the terrace. We paint the wall in red and match a hammock, ideal for lazing around like in hot countries.

Sunny table

Alinéa And on the terrace, the good humor of red is also installed at the table. To serve the aperitif, we put on bright red serving dishes that will set the tone for the evening. Friendly atmosphere guaranteed.

Colorful bistro

Alinéa To revisit the bistro table that sets up in the garden, we put on red! For an ultra decorative effect, you will associate it with other star colors of the garden such as green. The mixture will create a good mood for the whole.

Friendly furniture

Fermob For a family meal, we put on the warm atmosphere of a red metal table. And to play the color card a little more, you can marry the table with orange chairs.


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