When the dishes decorate the table

When the dishes decorate the table

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For a successful table decoration, you first need nice dishes. Simple, elegant, colorful ... Here are some ideas for different occasions depending on your needs and the dishes you have. We play with codes and dishes, for ever bolder compositions. Your guests will be all the more surprised by your address to master tableware.

A colorful table

Alinéa More relaxed, we meet for a hearty brunch on Sundays when we want to go out. The atmosphere is already there with colorful and offbeat dishes. We invite our guests to travel with decor and prints straight from Asia.

A table for two

Alinéa As a couple or with a friend, we also have the right to put small dishes in the big ones. We play the game with white dishes, stemware, cutlery and neatly arranged towels ... The decor remains simple in form but not in substance, where you create a chic atmosphere.

A graphic table

Ikéa A minimalist color code that always succeeds in surprising. Black and white, as a duo in decoration, has been recognized for years. You too can play with it and let your instinct guide you. It is a faultless insurance.

A wedding table

Ikéa A wedding or a great occasion for the summer? Spring ? Green appears in the table decor, with a few subtle touches. It goes perfectly with white and brings freshness to the tables.

A table for the aperitif

LSA Around a bottle of champagne, with a few glasses and an ice bucket, you will seduce your guests by playing the card of the shining event. Bubbles, patterns, gold, crystal ... Everything comes together for a festive evening.

A breakfast table

LSA Throughout the year, but especially in winter, we like to have fun in the morning. A rest Sunday, a good morning, a rich breakfast. With LSA tableware every occasion becomes a real moment of sharing around the table.

A table for special occasions

LSA Christmas, new year, birth ... In France, where eating well is a real art, every occasion is good to celebrate and have a good time surrounded by those we love. In front of the fireplace, in the garden, or around the coffee table in the living room, you can taste a few bubbles in glasses with golden stripes.

A table for 4 p.m.

LSA Good habits are good to take everywhere. We copy the English and their famous "tea time", understand tea time, at 5 pm. Alone or with others, you take the time to prepare everything properly for a real moment of relaxation.

A colorful table

Ikea The objective: to give oneself a color code and to respect it. We launch a little challenge and we play the game until the end. Tablecloth, towel, crockery, decoration ... The bet is successful and the friends pleasantly surprised. Compliments will burst out and laughter will rise during your evening.


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