Radiant Orchid color in the bedroom

Radiant Orchid color in the bedroom

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This year again Pantone gives us its color of the year. And in 2014 it was a slightly pinkish purple called Radiant Orchid. We find this purple in all rooms and more particularly in the bedroom. Here are some ideas to showcase your 2014 room and color.


Maison du monde The teenage bedroom is also a private sphere where everyone expresses their tastes and thoughts. You receive your friends there, you work there… It is therefore important to feel at ease there and you do so by creating a decor in your image. Here pink and purple are everywhere for a nicely rock atmosphere.

Soft bed

Maison du monde The Radiant Orchid can also soften if you find it too strong. We can play with more subtle gradations and lighter shades. Pink enters the bedroom on the bed, supported by a purple headboard, for deep and comfortable nights.

Children travel

Maison du monde In children's bedrooms, as in adults' bedrooms, color can be a means of travel. Here we find ourselves in Asia with some decorative accessories. We note the small table used near the bed, right in the purple trend of 2014.

Candy pink

Maison du monde Purple is too aggressive? Here again we play with shades of purple and we find ourselves in a pink universe. We travel once again with liberty prints reminiscent of the English countryside. The two current trends, patterns and color, are brought together in the bedroom for a welcoming atmosphere.

On the wall

My notebook In a simpler way, you can bring the purple into your room on the walls and with some decorative accessories. Be careful with this bright color but which can become oppressive if you apply it on the four walls. We prefer to apply it on a single pan to let the room breathe.

Decoration takes precedence

Purpose A plaid, a few cushions and a new pair of curtains, that's all you need to bring the color of the year 2014 into your bedroom. This avoids spending fortunes on a whole new decor. We start from what we already have and with a few well-chosen keys we succeed in our bet!

On the ground

Saint Maclou To warm up the atmosphere and be able to walk barefoot in your room, you do not hesitate to add a very thick carpet. We choose it original and offbeat, like this one at Saint Maclou where several rectangles overlap one another, highlighting a pretty purple color.

Bedside lamp

Soswit To place on the floor or on a table, you can choose a purple decoration accessory such as a pretty lamp which allows the light to be dimmed in the bedroom. To read in bed or relax, we choose one with a low intensity. It thus completes the general atmosphere.

Simple but effective

Tollens Simply applied to the wall, we find our powerful and bright purple here in a lighter shade. It brings light and freshness to the bedroom. We add some decorative accessories in raw wood and a clear parquet to dress the whole.


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