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Storage: we put everything in a box

Storage: we put everything in a box

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Boxes everywhere, so much so that we went crazy for them. The editorial staff gives you their advice on how to pack everything. What are the atmospheres and styles to adopt, the ideas identified in the brands to recover at home, we dissect everything and more. The box trend is now.

The box on the wall

Alinéa A simple wooden box becomes a real practical and decorative storage once hung on the wall. Here we choose a wood with a raw effect for an industrial atmosphere highlighted by the painted figures. With two or three hammer blows, you're done.

The box in the library

Paragraph Many brands offer bookcases and boxes made for each other. We do not yet know which has adapted to the other, but very practical they allow to quickly hide what is lying around. We choose them in color for a touch of originality with a white library.

The box on the ground

Alinéa It becomes almost a coffee table or pedestal table: placed near the sofa, it is used more for decoration than storage, although one can imagine dragging the TV program and the remote control, or some odds and ends that hung around when beautiful -mom landed out of the blue.

The color box

Purpose It highlights the color code that you have set up in your space: bedroom, living room or kitchen, we add it everywhere in shades of green, blue or red. Visually they disappear and merge with walls or other objects of the same color. Discretion guaranteed.

The box to organize

House Doctor It says on it, you have no more excuses: organize. Organize in English, tidy up, sort, classify ... The synonyms follow one another and look like! It's time to get started, but rest assured, you will see more clearly once your space is clear.

The suitcase box

Maison du monde We choose it in a light shade or aged leather for a guaranteed vintage atmosphere. To put in a corner, it will have its effect with your guests who will find it a charm of yesteryear.

The wheeled box

Maison du monde To customize yourself with an old wooden case, four wheels and a drill, or to buy directly in the shop, we would move it everywhere with us, it is so decorative! Laundry basket or toy chest for the youngest, it's up to you.

The girl box

Maison du monde Jewelery box, secret box, box for dolls ... Whatever she does, we choose a pretty pastel color for a modern princess and we give her the choice of its use.

The diverted box

Maison du monde Inspired by school materials and the famous XXL rules for the blackboard, these boxes signed Maisons du monde give the bedroom the vintage touch we dreamed of!


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