The art of Bento in 20 inspirations

The art of Bento in 20 inspirations

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The new trendy accessory to take to the office or to university is the bento! This box, which comes straight from Japan, allows us to transport our food in a compartmentalized manner. And what's nice is that you can add an even more appetizing side to your meals by tidying up the food aesthetically and giving them a funny look. Discover 20 inspiring ideas to make a bento as visual as it is tasty!

A compact bento

Kelyrin Bento Blog This bento is as wide as a glasses case, and yet it can contain a lot of food! It consists of two floors so that you can separate the cold from the hot or the salty from the sweet. We love the girly color at will to slide in Japanese cuisine. Source: Kelyrin Bento Blog

The cutest dish in the world

Kawaii & Co Blog Having trouble getting your kids to eat? Are they always reluctant when you go on a picnic or a weekend stroll? With this cat-shaped bento, they might change their minds! All you have to do is customize pasta or rice with other ingredients. Source: Kawaii & Co Blog

The little ones' lunchbox

Blog Recipes for my bento To make it easier for your toddlers to eat at school, in the daycare center or at their grandparents', prepare a bento worthy of the name. No need to have a Japanese dish inside, as long as the food is as fun as the container. Source: Recipe Blog for my bento

Eating Lego is possible!

The Tsujicho This is something to impress your children. Using a Lego mold, form cubes of ham, cheese and vegetables that you will place in a rectangular wooden bento box. We bet your toddlers will finish their plate ... Source: Bitrebels

Lunch on the go for adults

Joli Bento Blog We don't forget adults with this airtight and compartmentalized lunchbox. It is an ultra practical accessory for busy lunches, which allows you to eat in a balanced and varied way. All you have to do is prepare it in the morning before leaving for work. Source: Joli Bento Blog

A dish worthy of a restaurant

Hoshino Resorts The bento in the shape of a tray and in black lacquered wood remains the most traditional accessory in Japan. But this utensil is not only reserved for restaurants! As proof, you can recreate a real typical Japanese meal for lunch at the office.

An American bento

Blog Kawaii & Co Who says bento does not necessarily mean Japanese dish inside. You can completely take your sandwich, your bagel or a small salad made in this wooden container. It will simply be more aesthetic than an airtight box. Source: Kawaii & Co Blog

Lunch on several floors

Blog Recipes for my bento This little Japanese lady is actually a bento whose compartments stack so that you can keep your dish warm while you taste your starter or to distinguish certain foods. Get your wands! Source: Recipe Blog for my bento

Make a nice presentation

Little Miss Bento Blog Whether it is to make the little ones want or to give your colleagues in the office a taste of one of your specialties, wooden bentos are perfect for showcasing food. Put a salad leaf at the bottom of the container and display your work of culinary art! Source: Little Miss bento Blog

Everything has its place !

Bakedbree Bento is an art, the proof here with very well presented food. The ham is wrapped around chewable baguettes and everything is in its place. Visual beauty opens your appetite, it's well known! Source: Bakedbree

A very autumnal bento!

Meet the Dubiens The bento bet on colors that throw it: pink or green like here to enhance our food. We retain the idea of ​​cutting apples and shortbread cookies in the shape of leaves to 100% respect the starting theme, autumn. Source: Meet the Dubiens

A very childlike bento

Little Miss Bento Bento is very popular in Japan, which is why the presentation is so "childish". Composed of little characters, very flashy colors and with a little kitsch side assumed, we love the Japanese bento. Source: Little Miss Bento

The bento that makes children love vegetables

Little Miss Bento - Konamicodecat What better way to make children eat vegetables than to give them a different twist and a nicer shape? In pikachu or small rabbits, children will make a bite of it! Sources: Little Miss Bento & Konamicodecat

The diet bento

Omielife The advantage of all its compartments is that you can put a lot of small quantities and vary your diet. Sometimes in a bowl, sometimes in a simple square, everything is provided in the bento to arrange what you want: soup, sandwich, raw vegetables ... Source: Omielife

Funny eggs

Marmiton - The Kitchn Some will be surprised, others will be thrilled by the idea, but what must be remembered is that the egg mold will not leave anyone indifferent. Created by our Japanese friends, (again them), these mussels give your eggs the shape of small rabbits, bears or fish. Cute, right? Sources: Marmiton & The Kitchn (//

A hot dish in my bento

Rasa Malaysia - Ameblo To be savored at the traditional Japanese restaurant, the bento as here, devours and delights us. With or without compartments, the elements are side by side, and offer us the possibility of pecking lots of little things. Sources: Rasa Malaysia & Ameblo

We play with the shape of the food

Just One Cookbook To have fun with your bento, we have fun cutting octopus-shaped sausages, adding little characters and voila. Source: Just One Cookbook

No more plastic bags!

Etsy - Larkcrafts To help save the environment and to transport your meal in a pretty bag, forget the plastic bags and make way for pretty fabric models with very cute prints. Combining practicality and aesthetics becomes so easy! Source: Etsy & Larkcrafts

Super practical mini boxes

Bento & Co Protected by an insulated bag with an integrated cooling block, the bento patiently waits until it is used for meals. The plus: multiply the small boxes to transport sauces, spices, butter ... Source: Bento & Co