Bed linen: the new Blanc des Vosges collection

Bed linen: the new Blanc des Vosges collection

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For its new collection of bed linen, Blanc des Vosges plays the diversity card so that everyone can find their style. We thus discover plain ornaments, with floral patterns, and others more geometric. Discover 10 models from the new collection in pictures.

Bollywood bed linen

Blanc des Vosges Blanc des Vosges was inspired by the richness of Indian motifs to create a bed set that invites you to travel. The bright colors give a boost to the room to make you travel in the blink of an eye.

Two-tone bed linen

Blanc des Vosges For character bed linen, the brand plays the color duo card by mixing a neutral color like gray with neon yellow. An explosive duo for a room full of vitamins.

Polka dot bed linen

Blanc des Vosges Do you like peas? Here they are with this bed linen which mixes the different sizes of polka dots in stripes of colors. The whole is very graphic for a bed linen which brings cheerfulness to the room.

Bed linen in natural colors

Blanc des Vosges For those who prefer a more Zen room, Blanc des Vosges offers more classic sets, like this one dressed in natural colors. The bedroom becomes soothing.

Graphic bed linen

Blanc des Vosges With this set, the bedroom is energized by a geometric pattern that mixes pure shapes and original patterns. All for an urban and very original atmosphere.

Futuristic bed linen

Blanc des Vosges Here, geometric shapes propel the room into a future world. The pattern is abstract while remaining refined and very dynamic.

Retro-inspired bed linen

Blanc des Vosges With its mustard color and graphic patterns, this bed set is inspired by the trendy retro inspiration in our interiors. She then sets the tone in a neutral room.

Baroque bed linen

Blanc des Vosges For a precious bed set, we adopt this slightly shiny fabric which is adorned with arabesque patterns. The bed is dramatized for a very chic baroque atmosphere.

Poetic bed linen

Blanc des Vosges Finally, our favorite is this bedding with floral patterns as drawn in line, some of which seem to be colored in watercolor. Result: a poetic and feminine bed linen.


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