Picnics: 10 ideas for decorative atmospheres

Picnics: 10 ideas for decorative atmospheres

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Lunch or dinner in the middle of nature in the shade of a tree, this is a pleasure that we only agree to in summer! So much to maximize it by associating the words "good" and "beautiful". Good like all the delicious preparations that multiply in your basket, beautiful like the 10 atmospheres that follow:

Retro picnic

Geneviève Lethu ### If the word "picnic" often rhymes with disposable dishes, this concept is not unanimous! The most demanding make it rhyme more with the word "chic", by preferring a choice of tableware for lunch in the middle of nature, like this tableware adorned with retro designs representing the route of summer holidays ...

Romantic picnic

Ikea ### Picnics at nightfall, we say yes! We add a LED light garland in the basket, and let's go! Namely that wrapped around a crown of grass or branches, it is easy to give it a poetic form ... Ideal for a romantic nighttime tête-à-tête.

Colorful picnic

Botanic ### Because picnics evoke summer, the sun and good humor, we do not hesitate to reinvent through them, a colorful decor: orange or mauve floor cushions, pink deckchair cushion fuchsia, bright red basket or striped table runner mixing a palette of warm colors…

Child picnic

Paragraph ### Since sunny days have arrived, your children have been asking you for picnics every weekend. What if you improvise a dedicated space for them on the terrace or in the garden? On a large floor mat, soft cushions, dinettes and comforters should share a delicious meal, dessert or snack!

Festive picnic

Goal ### At the turn of a walk with family or friends, why not appropriate a public picnic table before transforming it into an ultra festive dining area? Your best ally? Color! We prefer it flashy, from paper shades to floor cushions, from salad bowls to table mats. An idea to steal especially on a birthday or another festive lunch!

Picnic / buffet

Ikéa ### For you, the only problem with the word "picnic" is to spread out all the ready meals and appetizers on the floor. So why not take with you a foldable table that you will install at the place of the meal, in the shade of a tree, before having your pretty buffet there? The little extra? Drape everything with a light mosquito net by hanging it on a tree branch to protect your menu.

Nomadic picnic

Geneviève Lethu ### To make the picnic even more nomadic than it already is, nothing like putting everything you need in a pretty trunk easy to transport. In addition, once placed on the grass, it will have the chic to become a side table!

Picnic half inside / half outside

Goal ### No need to leave the house for a picnic when you are lucky enough to have a large garden. By installing a few floor cushions and beanbags under the arbor or on the terrace, it's easy to improvise a convivial lunch on the floor!