New generation multi-substrate paint at Tollens

New generation multi-substrate paint at Tollens

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To make your interior design projects easier, Tollens offers a whole new range of multi-support paints that cover walls, ceilings, woodwork, furniture, objects and radiators, whether in dry or wet rooms. And the good news is that one coat is enough! Discover the new colors in pictures.

Paintings for the imagination

Tollens To create the decor that suits you, you will find a shades of soft colors inspired by the city. In this pleasant living room, the Tatami color settles on the back wall and Incognito covers the radiator.

Paintings for emotion

Tollens To reveal the character of a piece, we put on 5 colors with subtle variations of fawn gray and leather. The colors are then darker for an elegant and assertive decoration as with this wall in the shade "Coup de Coeur".

Retro paintings

Tollens If you want a retro touch in your interior, turn to the colors Tissue paper or Fabric between off-white and brown-beige. In this kitchen, retro touches are installed with Antique White on the wall and Trench and Antique White on the ceiling.

Vitamin paintings

Tollens The new color chart also offers a collection of sparkling and bright colors in which warm tones such as yellow and red are available. If you don't dare the total colorful look, you can afford to paint the inside of a Color Block closet for example for a pop touch.

Creative paintings

Tollens To create your universes with originality, Tollens also offers you vitamin colors to awaken spaces. Sunny is a pretty yellow, Irresistible, a greedy purple and Indigo a beautiful blue that we find in this room.

Paintings to personalize

Tollens To create your style on the walls of your rooms, play with rare and deep colors like Chameleon green, Authentic taupe or even almost black Cosmos blue.


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