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The W Paris hotel, a trendy address a stone's throw from the Opéra Garnier

The W Paris hotel, a trendy address a stone's throw from the Opéra Garnier

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The W Paris hotel opened its doors on February 29, reconciling Haussmannian sophistication and dynamism, specific to the brand. The W spirit is present on each floor, thanks to the Spark, an illuminated digital wall that magnifies the places. Welcome to a hotel that ingeniously combines design and trendy spirit while retaining the architectural features of the building.

An unusual wall

Hotel W ### An astonishing light mesh runs through the wall of the bar. The latter reveals colorful abstract shapes on a black background, in the form of dotted lines. It is the supreme element of the contemporary parts of the hotel.

Spectacular Twin: a spectacular double room

Hotel W ### A room that plays on symmetry. Here, everything is duplicated and more or less in the same place: the beds, the designer bedside lamps embedded in a false wall, up to the TV screens! Only the photos on the pillows differ.

Fabulous bathroom

Hotel W ### This bathroom has roughly the same furniture as the previous one, but the colors are lighter and brighter. The atmosphere is dynamic and the presence of the shower confirms the energetic side of the room.

A chic bathroom

Hotel W ### The bathtub is placed as is at the back of the room, facing the window for a romantic ambiance. The curtains are matched to the taupe color of the walls and the equally sober and design furniture gives a calm and restful side to the room.

The Living Room

Hotel W ### The hotel lounge has designer looks and clean lines. The decor focuses on the combination of dark and light colors, mainly black and taupe, which give a chic and cozy side to the room for a moment of refined relaxation.

Arola restaurant

Hotel W ### Restaurant famous for its chef and its cuisine, its contemporary decor is also a delight. Here, the colors are consistent with the other rooms in the hotel, which all adopt the same color code.

E WOW Suite

Hôtel W ### The charm of this design suite lies in the circular bed placed in the center of the room, which very exactly takes up the curves of the central moldings which overhang it. The yellow curtains give a brighter side and the paintings combine a baroque and contemporary spirit for a trendy current effect.

Design and offbeat

Hotel W ### This suite has a design that is as original as it is original. The volumes are exacerbated thanks to the semi-separation, functional and decorative, between the living room and the bedroom. The carpet style brings continuity between the two spaces.

The Wonderful room

Hotel W ### This room highlights the light. The 19th century chandelier mixes with modern materials for a trendy effect. The presence of the mirrors facing each other and the luminous wall on the ceiling adds originality to the space magnified by yellow curtains that brighten up the room.