10 ways to hang your bike at home

10 ways to hang your bike at home

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An experienced cyclist, you rarely separate from your faithful bicycle, and even want to integrate it into your decor. In search of inspiration, discover 10 ways to hang this trendy accessory at home, in a design and functional way.

Hang your bike on a trophy made from recycled bike parts

Andreas Scheiger Ultra stylish, this trophy / bike rack will make a strong impression in your decor. Straight out of the imagination of Andreas Scheiger, this bike carrier has been fashioned from recovered bicycle parts. Amazing! Source: Andreas Scheiger

Hanging your bike on a bookshelf

Knife and Saw Always more decorative, here is another way to hang your bike at home: hang it on a designer wooden bookshelf. Save space at will, this solution will adapt wonderfully in any interior! Source: Knife and Saw

Hang your bike on a handmade storage space

CB2 Another solution, just as space-saving, hang your bike from a handmade storage space, designed like a storage compartment, in which you can have keys, telephone or glasses. In short, make room! Source: CB2

Hang your bike with a designer hook

Cycloc And here is another type of hook, just as design. Very easy to fix, it offers, in its center, a storage space, very practical to slide padlock keys and other gourds between two walks. Source: Cycloc

Hang your bike on a designer wooden bike rack

Thibaut Malet At 26 years old, the Montpellier designer Thibaut Malet signs BH3, a wooden bike carrier as design as it is functional. Once your bike hangs on BH3, the whole thing is like a work of art, magnificent! Source: Thibaut Malet

Hang your bike with a minimalist wooden hook

Fluoshop Favorite. Thanks to a minimalist design as desired, this wooden hook seduces us with its natural charm, a bit Scandinavian. Source: Fluoshop

Hang your bike with a graphic hook

Quarterre Besides an ultra trendy geometric design, it is the functional side and the monochrome color of this metal coat hook that caught our eye. Source: Quarterre

Hang your bike on a DIY shelf made of wooden pallets

Chris Meierling Surfing on the wooden pallet trend, ultra present in the decoration at the moment, this Do It Yourself shelf, has a little more: hooks, ideal way to hang your bikes, in style! Source: Chris Meierling

Hang your bike vertically

Cycloc We finish our selection with this original hook model, allowing you to hang your bike, of course, but vertically! For always more space saving spirit, we love it. Source: Cycloc