The Parisian hotel La Belle Juliette opens its doors to us

The Parisian hotel La Belle Juliette opens its doors to us

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Once through the door of the Hotel La Belle Juliette, enter the history of Juliette Récamier, a 19th century heroine who frequented all the intellectual and political figures of her time. Renowned for her art of hospitality, the young woman of exceptional beauty has largely inspired the owners of the hotel as for the desired ambiance in the rooms as in the public areas. After several months of work and a decoration thought by the decorator Anne Gelbard, offers you a nice visit of the places in pictures.

A star corridor

La Belle Juliette With their dark star wallpaper and their very intimate brightness, the corridors of the Hotel la Belle Juliette plunge us into the middle of the night even before the door of the room past. A real original touch that seduced the editorial staff!

Work on materials

La Belle Juliette In the rooms on the second floor, dedicated to Juliette Récamier's trips to Italy, a lot of work has been done on the materials. Acid-gnawed concrete panels reminiscent of Vesuvius appear at the head of the bed, while ceramic tiles using the idea of ​​folded paper have taken their place on the bathroom walls.

A tribute to femininity

La Belle Juliette The second floor is also a beautiful tribute to femininity thanks to the pretty powdery colors and the softness of the staged furniture. A few touches of mustard yellow have been added here and there to remind you that Juliette Récamier adored this color.

Contemporary and warm rooms

La Belle Juliette With a choice of sober materials and noble fabrics, some of the rooms have a chic and contemporary atmosphere.

An incredible headboard

La Belle Juliette In room 221, it is impossible not to be surprised by the unique headboard designed by the Brazilian designer Gezo Marques. The latter, made with pieces of reclaimed wood such as a patchwork offers an incredibly aesthetic result.

A boldly decorated duplex

La Belle Juliette On the garden side, we discover three duplexes where furniture with contemporary design and vintage furniture coexist happily thanks to bold colors.

An "artist's studio" room

La Belle Juliette Thanks to two sliding glass doors separating the sleeping area from the bathroom, this room takes on the appearance of an artist's studio. We love the raw wood parquet, which, like on the ground floor of the duplex, contributes to accentuate the atmosphere.

A male universe

La Belle Juliette If some of the hotel rooms have been imagined in a very feminine spirit, know that others have preferred the sobriety of the male universe. Here, it is with the choice of an electric blue wall and a black and refined headboard that this look asserts itself.

A terrace to relax

La Belle Juliette With the arrival of fine weather, you can enjoy a semi-landscaped, semi-sheltered terrace under the Pergola. A beautiful space where it is good to meet with friends for a drink.


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