Around the world of outdoor furniture

Around the world of outdoor furniture

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Driven by desires for a change of scenery, terraces and gardens set off to conquer tropical, spicy or ethnic destinations. The idea: poking them with their best inspirations to take us away from the daily grind…

Trendy Safari

Truffaut A camp bed enthroned in the middle of the garden: and here we are explorers on a safari mission without even flying.

Jungle chic

Sia In the heart of dense vegetation, a wenge bed plunges the terrace into the heart of the jungle for tropical relaxation, chic-issime.

Relaxation Savannah

Maisons du Monde Planted in the middle of the garden, a bamboo and wicker hammock with a strongly artisanal style could be enough to take us to the African continent, or at least to think about it…

Tropical climate

Maisons du Monde Shower in the open air for this terrace which was believed to be in Rio. The good point is that the change of scenery is immediate.

Miami beach

Maisons du Monde Surrounded by bright AND colorful furniture, the terrace takes its spring and summer quarters Miami Beach version! For all fans of chic and trendy exteriors.

Exotic appeal

Maisons du Monde XXL lanterns, garden chairs and armchairs have transformed this terrace into an exotic little haven. An inspiration found in Latin America that we validate 100%!

Black Africa

Purpose Wooded atmosphere, handcrafted accessories and ethnic objects transport us straight to the lands of Africa.

Thousand and one Night

Maisons du Monde The thousand and nights of day and in the garden, it gives about that. A painting of Buddha strolling on the ground, a bamboo bench attached to a bush of ... bamboo, and a shimmering yellow parasol with pompoms ...

Arrival in Marrakech

Divine purpose terrace / relaxation area loosely inspired by Moroccan riads, at least in the choice of moucharabieh furniture…