Table decoration plays the refined card

Table decoration plays the refined card

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If you like the clean look in your interior, you will definitely love it as a table decoration. Simple lines, sober colors, it adapts to all tables with some essential accessories that we have selected for you. Get inspired!

A creative placemat

Lapadd To keep the spirit pure on the table we put on white accessories with simple lines like these placemats in the shape of flowers that you can place as you wish.

Candlesticks with pure lines

House Doctor Decorative objects with clean lines invest the table like these black candlesticks or those in the shape of transparent stars which bring a lot of elegance.

Large glass vases

Maisons du Monde An essential element of a refined table decoration: the large glass vase. We like it in the center of the table accompanied by other similar pots in which we slide pretty white flowers.

A white tablecloth

La Redoute The white tablecloth is the starting point for a table decoration with a refined style. It is preferably chosen without reason, very sober to match the dishes, also simple and white.

A glass and metal candle holder

La Redoute Glass accessories are the allies of a refined decoration. On the table, we adopt a transparent candle holder swaddled in a metal grid to bring the warm decorative touch.

Plain table runner

La Redoute A refined decor also means, little accessories. A colorful but plain table runner goes perfectly with this style of decoration, so we don't hesitate to adopt a taupe color model for example.

No tablecloth

Maisons du Monde To create a refined table, you can also choose not to install a tablecloth. Clean dishes are enough on their own on a table with a raw appearance.

A touch of patterns

Alinéa We awaken a refined table decoration, which can sometimes seem strict, with some accessories decorated with sober patterns. We opt for example for dishes decorated with small white flowers on a taupe background.

Porcelain tealight holders

Bloomingville To bring a subdued atmosphere to a refined table, bet on white porcelain candle holders, of course. The light diffused by the small holes will create pretty patterns on a white tablecloth.


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