Mineral spirit for coatings

Mineral spirit for coatings

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** Do you want to rethink your interior design? Know that for walls as for floors, there are today a multitude of coatings. The big trend of the moment is to bring nature into its interior through a mineral decoration. This is why today mineral spirit coatings are multiplying and are inviting in your living rooms as in your water rooms. Want to discover our favorites? Here is a slideshow presenting you with 10 mineral spirit coatings to install at home. **


Schmidt Fancy somewhere else and a resolutely marine decor? Bring the pebbles into your home. Assembled in a mosaic spirit, the pebbles are perfect for decorating the walls or floors of your water features.

One mineral can hide another

Mineral D No it is not stone but stone effect sandstone that adorns this soil. A remarkable idea to enjoy the beauty and naturalness of the stone while having a solid and easy-to-maintain soil.

Timeless mosaic

Mr Bricolage Star of the bathrooms, the mosaic imposes itself as a coating of mineral spirit at the same time trendy and timeless. Thanks to it, you have the choice of colors and patterns for a very personal decoration.

A tasty marriage

Schmidt The marriage of stone and glass is a real treat. These two minerals blend perfectly and give a clean look to your water features. Here you discover a creation of the Schmidt brand, a success!


Schmidt Here we discover a very pretty bathroom, as dark as distinguished. The mineral spirit is essential in all sobriety. To bring your personal touch, nothing like brightly colored linens.


Burgundy stone Stone is a solid coating that adapts to all your decorative desires. Because there are several types of stones, there are many coatings. There is bound to be one that will adapt to your interior design.


Glass Project Let's not forget! Glass is a material that has its place in our interiors. On the floors or on the walls, today you can dress your house with glass. It should be noted that for your safety, the materials are worked so as to be very resistant.

Waxed concrete

Mercadier Waxed concrete is undoubtedly the most trendy coating of the moment. Available in several colors, it can be used throughout the house on the floor as on the walls. Because it adapts to all our decorative desires, waxed concrete is our favorite in terms of coatings.

Stone in living rooms

Mr Bricolage The mineral spirit can also come into your living rooms, bringing a touch of warmth. Here you will find a dining area signed Mr Bricolage in which a section of wall has been covered with a stone covering.


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