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Stools in all rooms

Stools in all rooms

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The stool never ceases to surprise us. This backless seat, more discreet than a chair, scrolls through all the rooms of our interior. In addition to being very decorative thanks to a multitude of styles and materials, it also allows to multiply the seats without cluttering the space. It's your turn to adopt it from the living room to the bedroom, through the kitchen and the office.

In the bathroom

Ikéa The stool is ideal in a small bathroom in which it is very useful. Sitting to carry out our daily care, it can also be used as small storage when depositing our towels.

In the bedroom

Ikéa In the bedroom, the stool finds its place in the bedside table. Very original, it can also accommodate a small lamp and all your books while being very decorative.

In the office

Maisons du Monde In an industrial style office, the place of the stool is all found. To associate it with a metal wooden desk, you can opt for a stool that also mixes the two materials or else on a completely metal model.

In the kitchen

Ikéa Since they stack and save space, stools are the allies of small spaces. In a cramped kitchen, we adopt them without restraint and we slide them under the table when we are not using them.

At the end of the sofa

Maisons du Monde In a living room, a stool does not necessarily rhyme with seating. You can therefore choose one to which you will give the function of coffee table or even end table.

In the dining room

Maisons du Monde Since the mismatched style around the dining table is in trend, we are betting on a very designer stool associated with chairs with a much more classic look.

In the entrance

Maisons du Monde The entrance does not escape the invasion of stools either. Very practical to sit down every morning to lace up your shoes, we put on a model that harmonizes with the decor like this metal stool that adapts to a loft style.

At the bar

Maisons du Monde Around a bar in raw wood, the choice of natural materials is confirmed by opting for large wicker stools. For the decorative touch and comfort, you can install small white cushions.

At the teens

Maisons du Monde No bedside idea for your teens' bedroom? We have the solution with this metal stool which occupies the place without lack of taste. Very decorative, we particularly like it in an urban style room.