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Médor's best vacuum cleaners

Médor's best vacuum cleaners

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Are you fed up with your pet's hair that goes into every nook and cranny? Rest assured, today we suggest you discover the formidable weapons to fight them. Here are 10 vacuum cleaners that will become your allies when cleaning to vacuum up the last speck of dust.

Bosch BGS5Z001 ProAnimal vacuum cleaner

Bosch Here is a vacuum cleaner that will take care of your dog or cat's hair! Its ProAnimal kit allows you to perfectly remove animal hair from carpets and rugs as well as from parquet and sofas. We like its ecological side, with a Compressor motor associated with low energy consumption (up to 25% savings). 379 euros

Electrolux Usenergy vacuum cleaner

Electrolux For all those who demand a perfect level of hygiene at home, this Electrolux vacuum cleaner is made for you! Its Hepa 12 filter stops up to 99.95% of micro-particles. Once vacuumed, the hairs of your animals are well enclosed! 249 euros

Dyson DC33C Allergy vacuum

Dyson This Dyson vacuum cleaner uses a technology that ejects dust and dirt from the air flow and sends it directly to the transparent collector. Also, animal hair and fibers sink directly into the 2 liter collector. We like its hygienic side and easy to empty thanks to a button which avoids any contact with dust. 429 euros

Dyson DC62 Animal Vacuum

Dyson Unique in its kind, this upright vacuum cleaner is equipped with Root Cyclone technology, ideal for people suffering from allergies or asthma since there is no loss of suction. Its mini turbobrush makes it very practical for removing animal hair encrusted in confined spaces. 519 euros

Rowenta Compact Force Cyclonic Vacuum

Rowenta Ultra compact, this vacuum cleaner is barely larger than an A4 sheet, ideal for easy storage. Its small size does not make it an enemy to vacuum your animal hair, on the contrary! Wider, smoother and more efficient air flows ensure optimum dust removal efficiency. 259 euros

Miele S8 UNIQ vacuum cleaner

Miele With a power of 220 Watts, this vacuum cleaner with bag makes your household moments very effective. To avoid contact with dust and flying animal hair, the bag is closed automatically when the hood is opened. Convenient ! 549 euros

UCANIMAL Electrolux vacuum cleaner

Electrolux This Electrolux vacuum cleaner offers you maximum suction to catch all animal hair and simplified emptying. Thanks to its Compact & Go function, dust is compacted in 3 stages. No need to vacuum the escaping hairs again when you empty the tank! 389 euros

Hand vacuum cleaner Dyson DC34

Dyson If you do not have room to store a large vacuum cleaner but the broom is not enough to remove all the hair from your animal, the solution is simple: opt for this handy vacuum cleaner Dyson as practical as it is effective. 159 euros

Rowenta RO592511 Silence Force Extreme

Rowenta This Rowenta vacuum cleaner combines excellent suction performance and very high quality filtration with an extremely low noise level. It is also pleasant to suck the hairs of its animals which litter the ground in silence! 259 euros