Which sink for my kitchen worktop?

Which sink for my kitchen worktop?

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In the kitchen, everything is a question of harmony! Also, you will have to choose your kitchen sink according to the style of your worktop so that it fits well with the whole. Here are some tips in pictures to choose the sink of your worktop.

A sink with a black worktop

Lapeyre If you have a black lacquered worktop, you probably appreciate the design style. For your sink, you will choose a material which contrasts with the color but which remains in the same decorative style. For this, stainless steel is ideal. Choose a model with clean lines for a very modern look.

A sink worktop

Lapeyre To blend into the worktop, this sink is completely integrated into the worktop. There is thus no demarcation or joint in order to offer a very refined work plan. Even the drip tray finds its place on the work surface discreetly.

Original worktop and sink

Lapeyre This very shiny black worktop accommodates the kitchen sink in a very original way since it is a stainless steel model whose drainer is itself integrated into the worktop for a very decorative style.

A discreet sink

Lapeyre To be very discreet, this stainless steel sink disappears in the worktop by offering no joint but one and the same material for the whole. The clean lines then offer a very professional look.

A pop sink

Hygena If you like colors and originality, you may have opted for a bright red worktop! Not easy then to find a sink that goes with this colorful style. Choose a stainless steel model for the modern touch but bet on a round shape for a very pop air.

A round sink for designer worktops

Hygena Note that round stainless steel sinks can also go very well in a designer kitchen with a shiny black worktop. In this case, the black will bring out the stainless steel and the roundness will bring a graphic play with the straight lines of the work plan.

The sink for the campaign worktop

Leroy Merlin If your kitchen has a country chic look, your worktop is probably dark and imitates stone. To associate a sink with this type of worktop, make sure that it plays the card of discretion. For example, bet on simple lines in a black color that fits into the work plan.

A sink highlighted by the work plan

Mobalpa If your worktop is white and simple enough, you will be able to add a real designer touch to your kitchen by opting for an xxl sink in a very modern matt stainless steel. Do not hesitate to opt for an original and large faucet to act as a design sculpture.

A sink with a wooden worktop

Darty If you want to mix contemporary cuisine with a retro touch, your very modern wooden worktop can accommodate a beautiful white enameled sink as in the old. To modernize it, prefer very pure lines.


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