20 garden sheds to store everything

20 garden sheds to store everything

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To give a new lease of life to your garden and tidy up, nothing like sheds! In wood or stone, contemporary, exotic or ecological ... it has the art and the way of decluttering the terrace and garden and breathing an air of freedom in a corner of greenery. The proof in pictures !

A charming green hut

Welke This little water green garden shed is so cute that we would like to install a guest bedroom away from the house rather than using it as simple storage for tools. Source: Welke


Magic garden shed The garden shed takes its liberties and breaks the codes of the traditional wooden chalet, and we love it! This gives a hut inspired by thatched huts. Exotic, we love it! Source: Magic garden shed


Wooden house and chalet Who has never dreamed of having in their garden a small house straight out of a fairy tale. A dream come true for the owners of this magnificent house. Only a few fantastic creatures are missing to complete this magical decor! Source: Wooden house and chalet

A stone hut

Rozcawley Dressed in stones, this small garden shed is a real refuge of charm in the countryside. Difficult not to crack! Source: Rozcawley

A blue house

Pinterest Gardening in your garden yes, but in style, thanks to this pretty wooden hut dressed in blue. A colorful marker to store all the gardening equipment! Source: Emmanuel Regent

A small red shed

Fran Gallogby Want to breathe new life into your garden? Look no further and opt for a colorful garden hut. This will help create a real little corner of paradise in your outdoor space. Source: Martine VG

Comfort !

Houseplans With its terrace and hanging bar, this shed will turn into a little corner of paradise on sunny days. We crack! Source: Houseplans

A cabin for children

Leroy Merlin Small maisonette, farm or equestrian center: the multiple possibilities offered by this large garden shed guarantee children long hours of play and that is what we like! Source: Leroy Merlin

A greenhouse

Stephen and Lucy Marr Placed in the garden, this greenhouse is ideal for growing vegetables that require a lot of light and heat and will allow you to enjoy your plants in any season! The vegetable garden of your dreams! Source: Cabin Porn

A yellow shed

The Poshshed Company This small shed offers prime storage space for budding gardeners. It can therefore accommodate boots, watering can, rake and other gardening tools. Source: The Poshshed Company

All of stone

La Maison d'After Whether it's raining, selling or snowing, this authentic, ultra-robust stone garden shed withstands all weather conditions. What effectively protect your furniture and garden accessories. The dream ! Source: The House After

A Hobbit hut

Ekokuce Unconditional fans of the adventures of Frodo and Bilbo Sacquet, think of the Hobbit house option in your garden. A great way to pay tribute to the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogy! Source: Ekokuce


Paris Cote Jardin Special mention for this urban shelter dressed in funny graffiti in the shape of fruits and vegetables. A real treat ! Source: Paris Cote Jardin

A recovered hut

Seth Frankel Pieces of gutters, beautiful wooden pallets, a few boards and a little elbow grease were necessary to make this little eco-friendly cabin. The result is an original and recuperated storage space! Source: HGTV Gardens

A miniature wooden chalet-style cabin

Bricolcool This small shed seduces us with its look of a small chalet in the mountains and its great robustness. To adopt urgently! Source: Bricolcool

A small wooden wardrobe

Leszyd Inspired by beach sheds, this adorable garden shed is very useful for storing flower pots, rakes, shovels, spades and hoe! Source: Leszyd


My garden layout This pretty shed illustrates the new garden decor trend, that of shelters and contemporary cabins: simple and pure geometric lines, clean edges, flat roof! A functional miniature house, designed to store everything! Source: My garden layout


Flickr To hide the unsightly facade of a wooden shed, to protect oneself from vis-à-vis or shelter from the wind, climbing plants offer many decorative possibilities on vertical surfaces. It would be silly to deprive yourself! Source: Flemarie

Ultra functional

William Hudson Adjoining the shed, a workbench allows owners to tinker and carry out small gardening work in a dedicated space. An idea to remember! Source: Flickr