Architect's advice: the golden rules for moving around the house without bumping into it

Architect's advice: the golden rules for moving around the house without bumping into it

To avoid knocking the back of your chair against the wall when backing up, banging your back against the table by opening the dishwasher door ... smooth circulation is essential! Respecting traffic flows in the home contributes to improving daily living comfort. In recent decades, aspirations in this area have evolved, and each piece has its own constraints and specificities.

Good circulation in volumes: the kitchen

Angélique BLANC In this 5.10 mx 3.40 m kitchen, the first of the rules that applies is the activity triangle: cold, cooking and washing are set up in a triangle. Around these three pillars of the kitchen layout, minimum distances must be respected: at least 100 cm in front of the stove, 90 cm in front of the dishwasher to lower without bumping, 80 cm in front of the refrigerator, 90 cm between the linear and the island at least. Note also that 40 cm are necessary on each side of the hob to make room for the tails of pans and cooking utensils. Finally, around the table, you have to allow 60 cm for a seat to avoid elbows between guests.

Good circulation in volumes: the bathroom

Angélique BLANC In this 3.35 mx 2.70 m bathroom, circulation is comfortable and functional although many sanitary elements are present. The WC area must be located in a rectangle of at least 80 cm x 130 cm to allow easy dressing. Opposite, the laundry area, including the washing machine and the laundry basket, is located in a comfortable space of 80 cm x 120 cm. The double sink unit has a width of 150 cm to avoid banging your elbows and a space of 15 cm separates it from the bath allowing easy maintenance of the return of the cabinet and the apron of the bath. As for the bath and shower, the standard dimensions have evolved: no more narrow showers of 70 cm x 70 cm! The bathtub installed here measures 180 cm x 90 cm, and the shower 90 cm x 90 cm. Finally, to dry with ease, 70 cm should be provided after showering.

Good circulation in volumes: the living room

Angélique BLANC The layout of the living room requires taking into account the specificity of this room: both family and public, intimate and reception. The sphere (distance between two people) of the intimate space varies from 0 cm to 45 cm, and that of the friendly space from 45 cm to 120 cm. A sofa must therefore have a minimum length of 120 cm, and two sofas or armchairs must be spaced at least 70 cm. In general, and this is the case here in this 8.50 mx 3.15 m living room, there are approximately 300 cm between the back of the sofa and the bottom of the cabinet receiving the television screen (leaving 40 cm at least between the sofa and the coffee table). Finally, in the dining area, the ideal is to provide 110 cm of traffic around the table.