Christmas logs 2015: our selection

Christmas logs 2015: our selection

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The Yule log is the ultimate dessert for the holiday season. It is therefore not surprising that famous pastry chefs and other prestigious houses have decided, this year again, to revisit this classic. On the program: a green wall, small crisp spheres, an immersion in Russia and the United States, small treasures, some exclusives, but also chocolate, exotic fruits, coffee and of course chestnuts.

For those who like to be in the spotlight

Dalloyau Several months of work were necessary to produce this satin and shiny log from the house of Dalloyau, in collaboration with the house of Harcourt, specialist in light and pleasure. The originality of the creation "Raising the curtains": its two-sided design that combines caramel chocolate with passion fruit in all subtlety.

For the green

Anne-Sophie Pic A nod to her universe made of associations of new flavors and research of aromatic complexity, the log "Fait le mur" by Anne-Sophie Pic is an ode to greenery. If it seduces us with its rather unusual visual inspired by the traditional green walls, we literally fall in love with the chocolate-herb-cocoa nib accord which plays on the contrast of sweetness and freshness.

For lovers of the French art of living

Maison Angelina Fruit of the meeting between two Houses celebrating the French art of living: the high perfumery Annick Goutal and the tea room Angelina, this very couture log will surely dazzle your guests. Composed of a shortbread cookie, a compote of yellow lemons, limes and yuzu-basil, orange blossom and a Madagascar vanilla mousse, this promises us an explosion of flavors!

For lovers of the holiday season

Fauchon Do you want to send conventions and other culinary traditions to the air for the holiday season? This pretty, tangy, innovative and surprising creation is made for you. Greedily recreating a wreath of holly decorated with gifts, this log invites you to a tasting in four stages around bergamot. But will you be tempted?

For budding artists

Café Pouchkine Impressive visual for La Skouptoura which harmoniously combines the flavors of poached pear, salted butter caramel and vanilla. Inspired by Moscow art, this real sculpture made in harmony with the soul of Café Pouchkine reveals only the traces of the passage of tools by pastry virtuoso Damien Piscioneri for a subtle, refined and could not be more graphic result.

For lovers of fruity sweets

Massimo Pessina Special mention for Eric Kayser's raspberry vanilla log, where pistachio Genoa bread and a vanilla Bavarian blend with a red Mona Lisa cookie and raspberry compote to create a most fruity alliance.

For lovers of haute cuisine

Alban Couturier With a chocolate from Venezuela selected for its vegetal notes with smoky wood flavors, a hazelnut praline to fall back to childhood and the intense sweetness of Tahiti, the Chic Yule Log and Choc de Cakes Thoumieux promises to end your meal with celebrations in finesse and elegance. An original design that pays homage to the Thoumieux universe and its emblematic logo.

For lovers of hazelnuts

Massimo Pessina After the lemon in 2014, it is the turn of the hazelnut to be in the spotlight for the key delicacies of the House Kayser and to capsize our hearts. On the program, a delicious gourmet and airy log with milk chocolate and hazelnut.

For the originals

Ladurée Perfect to finish the Christmas meal lightly, these original little sticks will undoubtedly be unanimous. Their secret: they are made from vanilla cookies soaked in a tangerine syrup in which have been incorporated a crunchy tangerine candy with decan nut, an angel mousse and meringue with tangerine zest. All covered with thin sheets of white chocolate.

For the traditions

Amorino A nod to the tradition that in the past, a real log was sprinkled with baked wine and burnt during the Christmas meal, Amorino unveiled for the 2015 celebrations an authentic and delicious frozen log called Tronchetto. A great Italian Christmas classic, it is made up of Passion fruit sorbet from the tropics and Chocolate-Ecuador ice cream with intense aromas. Its bark, made from cocoa hazelnut dacquoise, is soaked in passion fruit syrup and sprinkled with caramelized hazelnuts. Perfect balance of powerful flavors, this frozen dessert will delight the most daring.

For those who like to work with wood

Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme A mixture of textures and intoxicating flavors, this Christmas cake in the shape of a wooden log consists of a hazelnut praline heart from the Morvan surrounded by a hazelnut cookie, covered with a creamy vanilla and enhanced by a coating milk chocolate mousse. A creation which refers to the wood of Morvan oak in Burgundy and which we owe to the Pastry Chef of the Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme, Fabien Berteau.

For curious newbies

Bernard Winkelmann Exclusively and in a limited series, Popeline has imagined its very first Christmas log for the holiday season. Gourmet thanks to a harmonious marriage of textures and perfumes, this light chocolate, vanilla pecan nut log available in only 100 copies will give you an explosion of flavors in the mouth that you will not soon forget. So tempted?

For lovers of the United States

Acide Designed in a frisbee-shaped cake pan, Chef Jonathan Blot, founder of Acide, pays homage for the Christmas celebrations to a famous unknown pastry chef who created Frisbee with Frisbee logs. Back to the United States, where it all started with the cheesecake frisbee log, the chocolate peanut butter frisbee log and the caramel maple syrup frisbee log.

For the fadas of tales

Dominique Saibron For aficionados, the craftsman Dominique Saibron imagined a gingerbread log with the sweet scents of our childhood. This consists of a gingerbread cookie, an orange confit flavored with spices covered with a fine almond milk foam and a creamy orange heart. A dessert that will delight the taste buds of young and old.

For the nostalgic

Les fées Pâtissières Transforming Donkey Skin dresses into incredible Christmas logs is the challenge brilliantly taken up by "Les Fées Pâtissières" who transport us through their creations into a world full of magic and poetry. Colored logs of the time, colored logs of the moon or colored of the sun ... hurry up and make your selection because inside each model hide delicious delicacies.

For game lovers

Thomas Dhellemmes Want to impress your guests? It's done with the treasure log imagined by Lenôtre in collaboration with Petit H. In the spirit of a millefeuille, the log is a tasty combination of fondant, with layers of mousse and chocolate / Yuzu ganache, and crispy with its "Success" cookie made with Valencia almond meringue. And to accompany it all: a spicy citrus compote, Timur pepper and honey from the beehives of the Lenôtre workshops.

For ski fans

Cakes and bread You could not miss this classic immaculate, chic and elegant log. Imagined by the artisan bakery pastry shop Cakes and bread, it is made up of a light caramel with captivating notes of vanilla and tonka bean.

For romantic girls

Ladurée Tradition and gluttony come together with this Ladurée log, specialist in tasty French macarons. Under its soft pink macaroon cookie covered with an ultra girly marzipan icing decorated with rose petals hides a light cream with rose petals and a confit of raspberry, lychees and fresh raspberries. A real treat !

For chestnut fadas

Dalloyau Lovers of classic logs will not be outdone with the Timeless Log from Dalloyau, which has put on a pretty pearly dress for the occasion. A beautiful association between iced chestnut and Tahitian vanilla that will not leave anyone indifferent.