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Graphic touches in my kitchen

Graphic touches in my kitchen

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Repetitive prints and geometric shapes, graphic patterns are second to none to energize an interior. Triangles, diamonds or squares, in fluorescent version or in pastel shades, the graphic trend is essential in our kitchens and opens the door to the most design and trendy decorations. Discovery!

Elegant sobriety


A nice alternative to traditional metro tiles: small black and white tiles. On its own, it sprinkles its graphic style in our minimalist kitchens. Source: Cocolapine design

The powerful contrast of floral cement tiles

Crush Collective

Nothing like cement tiles to bring style and originality to our kitchens. By opting for a two-tone black and white model dressed in refined floral patterns, the living space becomes an original, cozy and warm place to live. Source: Cement tile shop

When diamonds play the stars

INT2 Architecture - Castorama

Patterns in the shape of multicolored diamonds will give volume to our kitchens and will dress our credenzas with originality. A nice way to complete the decoration of your room. Source: Birch and bird - Castorama

Taming the stripes


Impressed with great simplicity and ultra-graphic radicality, the striped pattern is THE solution for creating an impression of space. Thin, thick or irregular, bicolour or multicolored, they alone have the art and the way to boost the decoration of our kitchens. Source: Because shoes matter

Delicate drops

Elisabeth Dunker

We fell in love with this delicate motif in the form of water drops. Ultra-graphic, its soft and airy lines are ideal to punctuate the overly sober decoration of our tables with sensitivity and poetry. Source: Flowers

Ode to nature

Over the colors

Far from sinking into the dated and dated decor, the plant motif creates a refreshing and creative atmosphere in our kitchens. By small touch, in total look or on a simple wall, it is the good alternative to color our room and bring it a graphic touch thanks to its refined and sophisticated patterns. Change of scenery guaranteed! Source: Over the colors

The chevron motif on the front of the stage

Di Lorenzo - House finity

Comfortable, warm and easy to maintain, parquet flooring is the art and the way to enhance our interiors. The beautiful idea: the laying in point of Hungary colored version which breathes a wind of modernity and rhythms efficiently our kitchens. A chevron pattern that we also like to find on our walls. Source: Carol Celico - House finity

Mix & match

Ferm Living

Various geometric shapes selected from different shades embedded in the kitchen furniture: this is a pretty idea full of relief that will make your dishes a real decorative work. Sources: Eplebarn - When sores see double

Black and white tiles

Vladimir Yarockiy

We have fun and get inspired with these black and white tiles scattered like birthmarks. They give us a beef effect! Source: My interior decorator


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