Chic and inexpensive tableware for breakfast

Chic and inexpensive tableware for breakfast

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As soon as the sun rises, you want to give a touch of chic to your breakfast table, without breaking the bank? Easy ! Going in search of elegant and affordable dishes, the editorial staff will share their discoveries with you: from the Dalmatian mug to the plate with a marble print, not forgetting pretty retro glass jars and small wooden egg cups. A decorative selection to shop urgently.

Porcelain egg cups

Normann Copenhagen Want to give a country look to your breakfast table? Nothing could be simpler with these pretty porcelain egg cups dressed in blue dotted cloth-style tiles. ** Egg cups **: 13.25 euros for a set of two, at Normann Copenhagen

Marble print porcelain plates

Zara Home Followers of the Scandinavian style, succumb to these porcelain plates, enhanced by a very subtle marble print. ** Plates **: 9.99 euros for the large model and 3.99 euros for the bread plate, at Zara Home {rel = "nofollow"}

An original mug and refined bowls

Monoprix / H&M Home Spotted, this mug wonderfully imitates the characteristic coat of Dalmatians and will bring a touch of fantasy to your table in the morning. On the right, these two bowls unearthed at H&M Home seduce with their matt color and their golden borders. ** Dalmatian mug **: 3.50 euros, at Monoprix ** Bowls **: 7.99 euros each, at H&M Home

Bamboo cutting board

Hema Thanks to its pretty colorful cord, this bamboo cutting board adopts a contemporary look capable of warming the atmosphere at breakfast. ** Cutting board **: 7 euros, at Hema

A pink ceramic tray with golden polka dots

Bloomingville Dotted with small golden dots, this ceramic tray will welcome your hot drinks or cereal bowls, in style. ** Plateau **: 13 euros, at Bloomingville

A designer wooden egg cup

Chabatree Well appointed, Neest will welcome your morning eggs like a nest of sweetness, the warmth of acacia wood as a bonus. ** Egg cup **: 10.90 euros, at Chabatree

A transparent teapot and a delicate tea ball

Ikea / Zara Home Clean lines and refined aesthetics characterize this teapot spotted at Ikea. And to accompany it, this pretty tea ball decorated with a small porcelain pear will do the trick. ** Riklig teapot **: 8.99 euros, at Ikea ** Tea ball **: 6.99 euros, at Zara Home

Paper towels feel-good

Bloomingville Always taking great care, Bloomingville wishes you a good day from the breakfast table with these message paper towels. ** Paper towels **: 5.75, at Bloomingville

Earthenware coffee cups

Maisons du Monde With their discreet colors, these are coffee cups that will easily slip onto a tray for breakfast in bed. ** Coffee cups **: 5.99 euros the set of 4, at Maisons du Monde


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