The new historic collection of wallpapers by Little Greene

The new historic collection of wallpapers by Little Greene

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Admirers of British chic, here is a whole new collection of wallpapers that we dream of presenting to you. Signed Little Greene, authenticated English Heritage, called London Wallpapers (volume III), it brings up to date, 7 forgotten patterns, to tell us the story of an absolutely * British * decor, evolving over the centuries ...

"Grosvenor Street" floral print on black

Little Greene ### Printed on a plate at the beginning of the 19th century, this motif evoked a fuzzy and generous floral impression in ink on a honeycomb-like background. Now, on the wall, it creates character and character.

"New Bond Street" leather panels

Little Greene ### One of the oldest surviving documents in the English Heritage archives is none other than a stamped piece of leather decorating the walls, or the ancestor of wallpaper.

Damascus "Wilton"

Little Greene ### Representing very popular pomegranate motifs in the middle of the 18th century, this bluish damask design gives an absolute chic to its wallpaper. Moreover, at the time, this style embodied an element of luxury in the home. It is therefore not a surprise if we compare it today to a royal effect!

Zoom on the wallpaper "Crowne Hall Lane"

Little Greene ### The wallpaper adorned with magic birds, seen more closely!

"Crowne Hall Lane" magic birds

Little Greene ### Adorned with masterful drawings of exotic birds and flowers, this wallpaper could date from the 19th century. It had also been used in a stairwell in the Hall of the Crowne Manor in order to enhance the height under the ceiling.

Floral print on pink background "North End Road"

Little Greene ### Coming from a property in West London inhabited by an antique dealer, this model was only discovered in 1992. Its style probably dates from the postwar period to the 20th century, the craze for a more graphic and refined design that marked this period.

"Crooms Hill" mansion effect

Little Greene ### The motif of the Crooms Hill mansion in Greenwich is exhibited in series on this wallpaper for a very "home" style.