A dream house spread over 6 floors in Spain

A dream house spread over 6 floors in Spain

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In Sant Cugat del Vallès in Spain, the Lagranja Design studio has designed the interior architecture of a house which has the particularity of being designed vertically ... on 6 floors! A bold bet brilliantly achieved for a friendly and easy-going result. Visit in pictures of this house which is not afraid to take the height.

Each floor has its character

Luis Hevia / Lagranja design The objective of the project is to give each floor its own character. For this, the designers of Lagranja design used the materials, making sure to keep a style that was simple, economical and friendly, specific to their studio.

A patio for the light on the ground floor

Luis Hevia / Lagranja design The house offers a patio at the back of it, which allows the ground floor to be bathed in light during the day but also to have an interior garden space which brings a Zen side to all.

Friendly cuisine

Luis Hevia / Lagranja design The kitchen is designed as a convivial space, the heart of the six floors of the house. This results in a kitchen counter that not only accommodates the preparation space but also a high table where you can sit for meals. To accentuate the idea of ​​sharing, an entire wall, which hides storage space, presents a blackboard where everyone is invited to express themselves.

Connected spaces

Luis Hevia / Lagranja design The kitchen, dining room and living room occupy the two upper floors. They are visually connected by an open staircase which allows the light to pass through. The metal staircase is perforated so as not to close off the space and create a real link between the floors.

Simple but warm materials

Luis Hevia / Lagranja design In the living room upstairs, the materials mix to create a patchwork that is both design and warm. The raw metal is thus counterbalanced by the use of light wood which brings brightness and feeling of comfort. The glass adds a note of elegance to the whole while allowing light to circulate.

Wood as the material of choice

Luis Hevia / Lagranja design Omnipresent, wood also finds its place in the bathroom where it offers a raw atmosphere inspired by construction pallets. Married to white tiles, it provides an interesting and unusual contrast in a bathroom that is both decorative and functional.

Playful color notes

Luis Hevia / Lagranja design Place color in another bathroom that abandons wood in favor of a mosaic of pop red tiles. What enhance the circular bathtub integrated into the floor. One way to make the bathroom fun or how to have fun with design.

The stairs, the centerpiece of the decor

Luis Hevia / Lagranja design Throughout the house, the stairs punctuate movement. To access the roof, the design studio chose a spiral staircase for its sculptural aspect which contrasts with the more usual staircases which serve the different floors.

A rooftop pool

Luis Hevia / Lagranja design The final surprise of this vertical house? A swimming pool which is installed on the roof and which offers a superb view of the town's church. A great way to enjoy the Spanish climate, head almost in the clouds. Discover the work of Lagranja Design on the site:


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