Green decor: the new Muskhane collection

Green decor: the new Muskhane collection

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For spring / summer 2013, Muskhane presents a collection of home accessories full of colors and good humor. We invite you to discover the flagship pieces of the collection to build up an environment-friendly decoration thanks to the use of boiled wool.

A two-colored calabash

Muskhane Why not use a felt calabash to deposit your balls? Large, it can also accommodate toys or linen for a natural decor!

A lucky pendant

Muskhane To decorate your interior and bring you happiness, Muskhane reinvents the dream catcher with a very decorative suspension that will bring you happiness if you believe in it a little.

Smarties galore

Muskhane At Muskhane, roundness has pride of place! You will find small galette cushions called Smarties and soft, round rugs that will flatter your naked feet. Something to want to settle on the ground!

Printed cushions

Muskhane And if you are looking for real cushions, the brand has them too! They print pretty warm colors in the spotlight this season with soft pink, yellow and sunny orange.

Bird suspensions

Muskhane To brighten up the children's room, Muskhane also offers original hanging lamps to decorate the little ones' space. A felt bird then settles in a trapeze and the bedroom invites you to dream thanks to its playful decor.

Original garlands

Muskhane To decorate the rest of the house, Muskhane uses colorful garlands that honor small squares of boiled wool or when the ecological material becomes decorative!

Polka dot rugs

Muskhane If the round rugs do not appeal to you, you will surely fall for the rectangular models which display polka dots that remind of the famous smarties. We like the assortment of two rugs with the inverted colors.

Original plaids

Muskhane To travel but also to accessorize your bed or sofa, you put on the plaids in light stole which will bring warmth to your interior with their sunny colors.


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