10 e-shops where to hunt for vintage decor for children

10 e-shops where to hunt for vintage decor for children

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While the big decorative signs have taken over the "vintage style", many lovers of the furniture of yesteryear remain and worship only genuine vintage pieces. I see it a bit like the village of the Gauls who resist again and always to the invader. It is therefore dressed in my habit of Asterix that I decided to deliver you good addresses to find vintage decor. And not just any, since it is a return to childhood that I wish to offer to the most nostalgic of you. Old pedal cars, tables and small school desks, rattan cradles or Fisher-Price phones, here are my 10 favorite online stores to hunt for authentic retro decor for children.


Chahut Bahut Blond wood and rattan… How not to crack in front of this 50's furniture unearthed on the Chahut Bahut site! Here, you are sure to find everything you will need to furnish the bedroom with your little ends: cradles, beds, desks, armchairs, bedside tables, dressers or shelves. For customization enthusiasts, know that Coralie also provides you with a color chart of 20 shades tested and approved to repaint the chosen one of your heart.

The workshop of Monsieur Jacques

L'Atelier de Monsieur Jacques At L'Atelier de Monsieur Jacques, we think that * "children deserve a bit of vintage as much as we do" *. This is why the shop exclusively offers Scandinavian, school, industrial or 70's furniture and decorative items for children. I advise you to walk there regularly so as not to miss the nuggets like the famous toucan lamp by Ferrari or the blackboards mounted on easels from the 60s.

Les Petits Bohèmes

Les Petits Bohèmes Everything is in the title! At Les Petits Bohèmes, the bargain pieces are reserved for toddlers (or almost) and have a nice gipsy look. In her e-shop, Mathilde offers both traditional handcrafted chairs from the East as well as Moroccan kilims which have survived the years without aging. The plus: the patinas of the furniture are original and thus perpetuate the charm of the past.

Vintage toddler

Bambin Vintage Renovated school desks and chairs are part of the Bambin Vintage online store! On her site, Claire presents a selection of pieces from the 50s, 60s, 70s or 80s, special kids ranging from furniture to lamps, toys and a few books.

Happy Vintage

Les Happy Vintage A true benchmark for children's vintage, Les Happy Vintage was created in 2008 under the leadership of Anne-Sophie and Lili. What I particularly like on their site (besides the pretty furniture restored and personalized by them) is the "Toys" section. Between the Ma Cousette machines, the Fisher-Price telephones and the famous Snoopy that we wander with a string, the return to childhood is immediate.

Associated Workshops

Les Ateliers Associés Les Ateliers Associés is a couple affair! Natacha takes care of the site's selections and very pretty photos while Mathieu puts their antique furniture back on their feet. On the program for the little ones: rattan cradles, wooden but also plastic school chairs and even camp beds from the 60s and 70s!

Fresh and Vintage

Fresh and Vintage Are you desperately wandering the flea markets looking for a wooden or rattan child's bed from the 50s? Look no further, and go for the Fresh & Vintage e-shop. Are they all exhausted? Come back very quickly, Guillaume replenishes the stock regularly!

Daily Kids Factory

Daily Kids Factory Back to school with Daily Kids Factory! Her finds for children, Anne pampers them, sands them, repaints them, in short, offers them a second life full of sweetness.

Bianca and Family

Bianca and Family It is a sharp selection that we discover on Bianca and Family. Muriel regularly reserves nice surprises for us like this chair signed Roger Fatus or this superb American school desk dating from the 50s. Are you looking for an original piece? This is the address not to be missed!


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