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A table decor with Japanese accents

A table decor with Japanese accents

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Tableware takes off for the Empire of the Rising Sun in order to draw a floral, colorful, Zen or refined inspiration. To all fans of sushi, maki, chirashis ... here are some ideas for a table decor with Japanese accents: change of scenery guaranteed!

A girly table decor

Blog Esprit de Table Flowers, an integral part of Japanese style. Generally, these are cherry blossoms, roses, which are found on the dishes or directly in table decoration. To complete this feminine look, add placemats of the same color, white plates and a wooden centerpiece. Source: Esprit de Table Blog

A tablecloth like in Japan

Toalha De Mesa This trompe-l'oeil tablecloth gives volume to the table and takes you straight into the Empire of the Rising Sun. It's up to you to decide if you prefer modern dishes to contrast or if you opt for a Japanese style even in accessories and cutlery.

The combination of blue and white

Delamaison Whether on household linen, dishes or decorative accessories, the alliance of blue and white is a sure bet for a Japanese style table. This brings a zen and colorful atmosphere which will also enhance the dishes.

Patterned tableware

Tokyo Design Studio Graphics, round, in the shape of waves or flowers ... there is no shortage of reasons to have a Japanese table. Do not forget to combine cutlery and tablespoons in the same tones, and bring a teapot in the same spirit at the end of the meal.

Add origami

Quartier Japon This is THE essential table decoration in Japan. You can buy origami (usually birds) out of paper directly or make them yourself, by involving your children, with different colored papers. Then place your creations on plates or on the table.

Customize your chopsticks

The Weasel Blog To distinguish your different sets of chopsticks but also to modernize this ancestral accessory you can personalize them with masking tape. Choose blue or white ribbons or even with Japanese patterns and voila! Source: The Weasel Blog

Small colorful ramekins

Oranjade In Japan, entrees and dishes are served with different sauces but also with wasabi and ginger. To have a Japanese table, consider adding colorful ramekins that will allow you to arrange these condiments but also to use the desired dose.

A black and white tablecloth

Between Cha and Ra This model combines tradition and modernity thanks to the alliance of black and white, resolutely contemporary. With this type of household linen, opt instead for white and refined dishes as manufactured by Japanese designers.

Choose noble and natural materials

Tokyo Design Studio On this table, the linen placemats and the porcelain tableware give a clean and very natural style to the table. Forget about synthetic and favor noble materials and rich fabrics that will bring a certain charm to your dining room.