Schmidt kitchen news 2016 in pictures

Schmidt kitchen news 2016 in pictures

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This year, the French brand Schmidt signs an eclectic and functional collection so that the kitchen is at the heart of the habitat. The room then becomes more modern and refined while offering innovative storage solutions. Whatever the style of your kitchen and your favorite materials, you will inevitably find your happiness!

A clever space divider

Schmidt When you choose an open kitchen, it can be difficult to separate the living room from your kitchen. To delimit the two spaces, this Copenhagen storage set is both modern and practical. These open and closed niches allow to store, on both sides, a multitude of objects but also to enhance the furniture by exhibiting beautiful decorative objects. * Price: € 1,890 *

A kitchen worthy of an architect

Schmidt Say goodbye to unsightly storage elements! Here, the kitchen cupboards are uncluttered to keep only the essentials. The Inno'Quartz worktop, at € 7,402.90, separates the dining room from the stove part. Made of reconstituted quartz, it is easy to maintain but also (and above all) resistant to scratches and stains, as well as to heat (up to 180 degrees). Finally, the different levels and materials of the kitchen elements create relief.

Ingenious innovations

Schmidt In this kitchen, wood and concrete coexist in a semi urban half raw style that you will not see in everyone. It contains clever storage like a corner cabinet to save space, cupboards without handles with the Touch Larch system, a hood cabinet to hide it, and finally a multifunction column, which incorporates both dishwasher , oven and microwave.

Create continuity between the kitchen and the living room

Schmidit Do you want to have an American kitchen that does not denote your living room? This Dublin model offers matching storage elements so that the two spaces form only one large living room. Thanks to the various niches, open shelves and closed cupboards, you will be able to store many books, decorative objects and other utensils. * Price: € 2,400 *

Between vintage and modernity

Schmidt The Frame kitchen combines two styles to create a friendly atmosphere. Around the central island, your family can gather around a good breakfast thanks to the bar stools. The brick walls give a loft spirit and further enhance the black color of the storage units, immediately less imposing. * Price: € 7,155.44 *

Use the wall of an American kitchen

Schmidt Who says American cuisine means losing space? The trend is no longer to have a room dedicated to an activity but a large living room. If you work at home or like to have a separate space to concentrate, Schmidt has created a discreet office area, which can also be used as entertainment space, to be placed against a wall. For example, you can watch TV from your kitchen. * Price: € 2,772 *

Immaculate cuisine

Schmidt If you dream of having a white open kitchen, this Arcos Eolis & Vertica model may well be for you! Elegant and with very worked finishes, it has a large work surface on which you can concoct delicious dishes. Each lacquered facade contains ingenious storage for storing your household appliances, utensils and dishes.

A smooth transition

Schmidt To furnish a transition space between a living room and a kitchen without obstructing the passage, this long black cabinet offers a large drawer and two smaller ones for storing your remote controls, magazines or small objects in all discretion. With a white kitchen, it will create a nice contrast while dressing an immaculate wall. * Price: € 2,146 *

Scandinavian style cuisine

Schmidt Located in a glass kitchen, this Strass Eolis kitchen is entirely designed with white lacquered fronts to bring maximum brightness to the room. On the island, a wooden snack plan has been added to give a small Nordic side to the space and make it easier to take your meals by separating the worktop from the counter. * Price: € 7,804.70 *


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