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Vintage look accessories for the decorative table

Vintage look accessories for the decorative table

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The retro trend that prevails in the house now takes over the table to give a charm of yesteryear to the decor of meals. We are indeed putting on a few accessories with a vintage look that blend with your contemporary tableware. Here are some ideas for a table in the trend of the moment.

Old fashioned knives

Pradel You may remember the knives of your grandparents who emphasized simplicity with functional knives made in France. We find this love for things made in France and we offer Pradel knives with wooden handles.

Traditional dishes

AM.PM And if we returned to the good old pots that we bring directly on the table for a friendly dish? Then opt for family pots but still keep the contemporary menu by opting for a trendy color like gray.

Peas on the table

Alinéa For a vintage look, you can count on polka dot dishes! Bet on a breakfast set in a brilliant red that will sport white dots for a deliciously retro atmosphere that will not fail to make you love the early hours.

Dishes with retro lines

4th Market For dishes, do not hesitate to choose lines that use old codes like this cup that takes the look of metal cups. We also put wooden cups.

Tableware inspired by craftsmanship

Chehoma In the past, the dishes were a real work of art and the patterns were painted by hand. We find this spirit with patterned dishes painted in retro colors and whose brushstrokes are visible for an authentic effect.

Beautiful materials Likewise, we are heading for the dishes in beautiful materials. We think of ceramics, terracotta and other ancestral processes that give character to objects.

The boards as a tray

Ferm Living For a very original vintage look, you can replace your trays with simple small boards on which you will place your cup and your breakfast in the morning. You will then highlight the coating of your table.

Flower dishes

Nothing to wax Finally, for a slightly kitsch retro look, we turn to the dishes with floral patterns in bright colors to bring a breath of gaiety to the classic table.